Can You Drink On The Beach In Maui?

Maui is a regular destination for people for vacationers to kick back and relax. But a truly enjoyable day at Maui’s beach requires a bit of forethought, inquiries, and planning lest one realizes they are doing something illegal of some sort.

With that said, vacations should know that it is virtually illegal to drink alcohol on beaches in Maui.

There are laws against drinking alcohol in Maui although these laws are not fully enforced.

Read on to find out where and when you can sip a Mai Thai with your toes in the sand.

Is it illegal to drink on the beach?

It is illegal to drink alcohol on or near the beaches and parks of Maui. But these laws are complicated and they vary.

The laws guiding the consumption of alcohol vary depending on the proximity of the beach to a school, public restroom, public lookout, public highway, public sidewalk, municipal parking lot and so on and so forth.

So, when you pour an alcoholic beverage into a glass cup with some ice cubes or enjoy a sunset sip of whiskey on the beach you are likely breaking the law.

It’s better to not drink alcohol near beaches at all, even though the laws are not strictly enforced.

Why aren’t the laws strongly enforced? Likely because of Maui’s culture of personal responsibility, respect for the community, and consideration for others.

Most law enforcement also understand that alcohol consumption is typically moderate and is rarely the cause of problems. But that doesn’t mean it is legal.

What are the laws against drinking alcohol on/close to a beach in Maui?

There are so many laws against the consumption of alcohol in public that you may be breaking one or more of these laws by drinking on a beach. Some of these laws are:

  • Maui County Code 13.04.040(B): Blame this country code for the reason why drinking is not allowed in any public parks in Maui, including beaches and recreational facilities. That, of course, also includes schools.  So, make sure to check your surroundings before taking a sip.
  • Hawaii Administrative Code 13-146-25: Here’s another rule that disallows having any alcohol on your person in a state park—that includes beaches!
  • Hawaii Revised Statute §291-3.3(b) HRS 291-3.3: Watch out public lookouts! On beaches near public lookouts no drinking is allowed.
  • Hawaii Revised Statute §281-78 HRS 281-78: Adventurers who decide to walk along the roads of Maui must not consume any alcoholic beverages for they are illegal to consume.
  • Maui County Code 8.21.010: If you’re waiting in a hot parking lot do not crack a brew or sip a pina colada. It is illegal to drink in parking lots in Maui.

What are the alternatives to alcohol on Maui beach?

Since alcohol is somewhat illegal on beaches, it is advisable to find something other than alcohol to sip on the beach instead.

Water is a good alternative to alcohol, and it’s better at keeping you hydrated in the hot sun!

There are also non-alcoholic spirits like Ghia, gnista, optimist, proteau among others.

Or, why not abstain from drinking alcohol or any form of liquids altogether?

Try your luck at surfing, go whale watching, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach.

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