Maui Mui: The World Famous Snack Company

No matter where one travels, sampling the local food is a must. But what about the local snacks?

With a wide variety of almost limitless snacks, the Maui Mui company provides the cleanest and the most visually stunning snacks one can dream of.

And the presence of only one Maui Mui store in the whole world makes the snacks provided by the company unique.

If you’re in Maui you have to stop 600by Maui Mui.

Slush puppies in their containers ready to be served.

What Snacks Are Local to Hawaii?

As the demand for Hawaiian snacks has increased due to tourism, so has the interest of locals in experimenting with new types of snacks. They’ve drawn on all things native to Hawaii, to create new products that have become popular throughout the world.

  • Dried cuttlefish provides a chewy texture and a slightly sweet or sometimes sour flavor. Dried cuttlefish can be considered the jerky of the sea, and can be eaten any time of the day.
  • Li Hing Mui powder is said to be the staple snack of Hawaii due to its nature of being a suitable topping for any kind of food. This powder is the ground form of a crack seed that is native to the Hawaiian islands.
  • Arare Crackers are one of a kind and are sought after by not only the tourists but also the local people. With a sour flavor and a heavenly crunch that is second to none, do give it a try if you end up visiting Hawaii.

How is Maui Mui Company Rated?

With over tens of thousands of tourists visiting the store annually, the Maui Mui company has seen its fair share of critics but has never once received a complaint from them.

It has been an honor for the company to stay among the top of the snack world as far as customer satisfaction.

What Days are Maui Mui Company Open?

Maui Mui Company is open from Tuesday to Saturday, when every snack can be found stocked in its respective racks.

But if you decide to visit the store on a Sunday or Monday, you will find it closed but never unwelcoming.

So, be sure to only pay a visit on the days that the store is open.

What Is a Maui Mui Slush Puppie?

Slush Puppies are non-carbonated frozen drinks that can be found in other areas of the world as they are quite easy to make, but the toppings provided by the Maui Mui store are one of a kind.

It is very hard to get a Slush Puppy that falls on the same level as the ones found in Wailuku.

The Slush Puppies used to only be composed of the base and the flavor, but Maui Mui was the first store to add toppings that not only enriched the flavor but made it more appetizing.

Why Is the Maui Mui Beyond Comparison?

As a business flourishes, it is expanded so that the profit increases, but such a thing was not possible with the Maui Mui company. As a small local business that was family-owned but was also run by the family, it was the best choice to not trade in profit for quality.

To uphold the quality of the products and to also keep intact the traditions and tastes that were carried down from generation to generation, it was decided that only the most deserving of things will be made and sold by the company for the happiness of its customers.

The store is still the same as it was when it first came into existence, and if you’re someone who is visiting it after a long time, you will come to realize that nothing has changed apart from the multiple new mouth-watering snacks that have been added to their lists of native products.

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