How Relaxing Is The Grand Wailea Spa?

A trip to Maui can be an exceptional way to let go of all your stress, particularly if you’ve booked a stay at the famous Grand Wailea.

The Grand Wailea is home to Mohalu by Spa Grande, a luxurious spa designed to bring an intimate connection to Maui mana.

Take a look at this guide for a complete rundown of what’s on offer from the Mohalu by Spa Grande, and see whether it can refresh your stay with a touch of luxury.

Woman receiving temporal massage.

Does The Grand Wailea Have A Spa?

The Grand Wailea spa is one of the centerpieces of the Grand Wailea resort, designed to offer guests and visitors a chance to relax and unwind.

Mohalu by Spa Grande is described as a personal escape and has a range of treatments available to take you away from your stresses.

The Grand Wailea spa has undergone its own rejuvenation in recent years, transforming into the Mohalu by Spa Grande.

In the update, the spa was moved to a more intimate venue, away from the crowds that can often be found at the Grand Wailea.

This allows guests to immerse themselves in the rejuvenating atmosphere that Mohalu aims to cultivate.

What Treatments Are Available At The Grand Wailea Spa?

The treatments at Mohalu by Spa Grande are designed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. There are options for couples (like honeymooners), single men and women, and even a few treatments for keiki.

The focus of the spa is overall wellness, and connecting with the mana of the Maui environment.

The signature treatments at Mohalu are inspired by the Hawaiian surroundings, blending traditional Maui therapies and ingredients with new understandings of the human body.

Massage therapies by Mohalu can release the last of your tension, with various methods used to ease stress and encourage relief throughout the body. The massage therapies are hugely popular, with luxurious ingredients and thoughtful staff creating an exceptional experience.

Look your best in all your vacation photos by booking a facial treatment. Mohalu has several carefully crafted facial treatments designed to revitalize the skin without causing discomfort.

Or for something a little simpler but no less pampering, try a nail treatment. Mohalu by Spa Grande offers both manicures and pedicures, which can be either a full service or an addition to your spa day.

Ideal if you’ve come to Maui for a special occasion, and you want to look at your best.

What About The Water Treatments?

One of the main draws at Mohalu by Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea has always been the water treatments.

The hydrotherapy facilities have attracted visitors time and time again, with return customers being drawn back to the soothing sessions.

Hydrotherapy at the Grand Wailea isn’t always available, depending on health and safety considerations. 

If you are able to book a hydrotherapy treatment, it comes highly recommended. If you can’t, try and head to a quiet spot on the Makena coast and see what the water can do for you.

What Are The Facilities Like At The Grand Wailea Spa?

Step through the door at the Mohalu by Spa Grande, and find yourself immersed in the intimate and calming environment that the spa fosters.

As you might expect from the Grand Wailea, luxury is at the forefront. Every part of the spa has been finished to perfection, with modern design blending with a natural Maui charm that seems immediately welcoming.

There’s a simplicity to the design that helps to build that intimate atmosphere, and never manages to feel overwhelming.

Despite being at the heart of one of the largest resorts in one of the busiest parts of Maui, the spa feels like an Oasis. And even though it is one of the biggest spas on Maui, the space remains intimate.

One of the most popular services offered is the Honey Macadamia Nut Indulgence, and this shows what the spa does well.

The ingredients, treatments, and methodology draw heavily from the surrounding environment.

Not only does it give a local spin to the standard treatments, but it ensures a freshness that enhances the overall therapy.

Anything To Know Before You Go?

Grand Wailea recommends turning up at least 30 minutes in advance of your spa treatment, so you can relax into the surroundings.

If the hydrotherapy pools are open, make sure to turn up even earlier so you can make the most of this unique treatment.

Mohalu by Spa Grande is a full family spa, offering service designed for older skin, couples treatments, and even a keiki menu.

Children from ages 6 to 17 can enjoy a massage, facial, or nail treatment.

Young kids will love the Chocola Tsunami, for ages 6 to 11, which combines a chocolate massage with a manicure and pedicure.

Maui With Kids Travel Guide pamphlet
And if you’re traveling to Maui with kids check out the Maui With Kids Travel Guide, from our friends at Hawaii Travel With Kids.

Older teens will enjoy a Touch Of Aloha, which gives them a chance to experience a traditional Lomi Lomi massage.

The spa at Grand Wailea isn’t the most romantic spa on the island, but couples will still find plenty to enjoy. The Duo Grand Classic is a refreshing treatment to ease muscular aches and prepare you to make the most of Maui.

Or try the Duo Pala’au Journey, which will immerse you both in a relaxing treatment, connecting you to the romantic energy the island exudes.

A trip to the spa is typically open to even non-guests, meaning you don’t have to book a stay at the Grand Wailea to enjoy the service.

However, a spa treatment only grants you access to the spa. There’s no opportunity to use the pool if you aren’t a guest.

Final Thoughts

The Grand Wailea is widely recognized as having one of the best spas on Maui, thanks to treatments that combine traditional Hawaiian ingredients and techniques with a luxury experience.

If the hydrotherapy pools are open, then it’s hard to resist the intimate and relaxing services offered by Mohalu by Grand Wailea.


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