Mile Marker 14: Best Snorkeling on the Island

Maui is one of the many Islands in Hawaii that is best suited for snorkeling, both for beginners and experts thanks to shallow and quiet sea conditions, which is also a benefit for experienced swimmers.

But where should you snorkel?

Well, Mile Marker 14 Maui should be top of your considerations is one of the best snorkeling spots on Maui.

Here is everything you need to know about Mile Marker 14 Maui as a place for the best snorkeling on Maui Island.

Where is Mile Marker 14 Maui?

Mile Marker 14 is a name otherwise given to an oceanside in Olowalu, which is on the west side of Maui.

The Mile Marker 14 beach is not quite so wide as some other beaches in Maui. As a result, the beach may not be best for lying near the ocean, but it is a good spot that is best-suited for snorkeling. You are however advised to be watchful of the coral reef.

Mile Marker 14 is seven miles away from the south of Lahaina, if you pass through the Honoapiilani Highway (Route 30). The spot is popularly referred to as the best snorkel spot for beginners. The water around the shore is shallow and mostly quiet all the time, especially in the mornings.

If you’re headed to Mile Marker 14, you should be on the lookout for the mile marker “14” sign that is installed between Lahaina and the cliffs that separate the borders of West Maui and Central Maui.

But, the geographical region of Mile Marker 14 has no offices, no turn paths, or cleared stopping. As a result, you should watch out for traffic when turning around onto the highway.

Are There Any Risks For Snorkeling In Mile Marker 14 Maui?

There are risks attached to swimming in your house pool, and of course, a greater risk attached to swimming in a natural waterbody, the content of which you have no idea or control over.

So, yes! There are risks you should watch out for when snorkeling in Mile Marker 14 Maui.

You Could Get Lost

You can get lost while snorkeling in Mile Marker 14 Maui, especially if you stray too far from public eyes.

There have been reports of victims who could not remember the crevices they were to pass through to get back to the shore.  And given the topography of Mile Marker 14 Maui, it may be a little difficult finding the right paths to snorkel through.

You may get stuck in certain areas of the ocean side and things could get uglier if you’re snorkeling alone or the sun is setting.

The Waves Can Be Funny

There are days when all is good and well and the tide fine at a nice comfortable temperature. Those are the days when the waves are calm and welcoming to all and sundry.

But there are also days when things can get funny with the tide.

A natural danger zone of the beach is the coral reef and it is one part of Mile Marker 14 Maui that can turn the magic into a nightmare in a split second.

Also, the Mile Marker 14 beach is widely known for being very shallow compared to other beaches in Maui. As a result, there are high risks of getting smashed against marine structures, edifices, and the sea bed if, unfortunately, you are caught in a turbulent wave.

Even in steady waves, the shallow topology of the beach makes you susceptible to scratches, bruises, and cuts due to the risk of brushing against thorns and other things embedded in the sea, while snorkeling.

How Can I Snorkel Safely In Mile Marker 14 Maui?

Mile Marker 14 is an incredible spot to snorkel under the right conditions. Do not attempt to swim in the middle of the different corals. Otherwise, you are at risk of being driven into the corals by the waves or you could lose your way and find it difficult tracking down a path back to the shore.

There are safe channels through which you can get to Mile Marker 14 without the risk of damaging the corals.

There is a channel that provides a straight route to Mile Marker 14 through which you don’t need to swim around the corals. The best conditions to make use of this route are when the tide is elevated and the water is sufficiently deep to snorkel in. Meanwhile, high tides may provide safe snorkeling but it brings a minor inconvenience of no beach to put your belongings on.

Another safe route to Mile Marker 14 Maui is Paragon which is around 200 ft seaward. Besides a safe route, Paragon provides beautiful scenery while you are on the route with beautiful and harmless marine including turtles.

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