Timeshare Presentation In Maui: How To Get In The Door For Freebies

On Maui, glorious weather and spectacular views are often all the freebies you need. But sometimes, you can get a little something extra for almost no extra work. 

The timeshare freebie is often enough to convince even those with no interest in a timeshare investment to shuffle into the boardroom and attend a talk.

So, what is a timeshare presentation freebie, and how can you get in the door to earn your reward?

Timeshare pool in Maui with lounge chairs and palm trees.

What’s The Deal With Timeshare Freebies?

If you’ve ever sat through a particularly long and boring meeting, you’ve probably felt as though you deserve a reward for making it to the end.

Timeshare presentations obviously understand that mindset. They know the best way to get you through the door is to promise something at the other side of it.

For sitting through a timeshare presentation, you can get some decent freebies: vouchers are common, but some presentations will even reward you with a check. 

It all sounds pretty sweet, right? The downside is that a timeshare presentation can be long, and while you’re stuck, incredible Maui is waiting for you.

What Kind Of Freebies Can You Expect From A Timeshare Presentation?

The freebies for attending a timeshare presentation are variable. Some places will give vouchers for days out and trips, occasionally totaling as much as $200. Vouchers for snorkeling trips, tours, and boat trips are all common incentives for attending a timeshare presentation.

In some circumstances, attending a timeshare presentation might be rewarded with a check. Although these amounts are likely to be less than the value of a voucher, there’s more flexibility for use.

Large resorts might offer credits in return for attending a presentation. For example, touring the Hyatt could get you money to spend at the spa.

The best presentations will give you a range of freebies to decide between, so you have to consider what you’ll actually use. $250 to spend at a spa might seem like the best deal, but if you’re more likely to enjoy a $150 boat tour, then the decision isn’t quite so simple.

If you seem interested in investing, you may also be a discount for a hotel in return for attending another presentation. These can be pretty good deals, but the offer will still be an expensive holiday.

However, not all the freebies will be worth it. Valuable rewards aren’t a guarantee. Instead, you might find yourself leaving the presentation with nothing but a small outing as payment for your time.

Is It Worth Going To Timeshare Presentations For Freebies?

A freebie for attending a presentation can seem like a pretty sweet deal. All you have to do is sit and listen to someone talk for 60 minutes, maybe take a tour of a property, and you walk away with a $100 gift card, or an exciting trip away. 

Unfortunately, those 60 minutes can easily slide into 90, and then 120, or maybe even 150 minutes. The next thing you know, half the day is gone, and you still don’t have your freebie.

A freebie is a fantastic treat, but sometimes the sacrifice just isn’t worth it. No one wants to be missing out on glorious Maui just to watch a presentation for a timeshare they have no intention of investing in.

Also, some presenters can be pretty aggressive with their sales technique. They’re unwilling to take “no” for an answer, and it can be difficult to get away—especially if you want the chance to pick up your freebie.

How To Get In The Door Of A Timeshare Presentation

Finding a timeshare presentation on Maui is rarely a difficult task. Many of the big resorts offer a timeshare option, and salespeople are eager to talk to anyone they think might invest.

First, you need to find the places that actually do timeshares on Maui. Hyatt, Westin, Marriott, and Hilton are all brands known for running timeshares, and they all have properties on Maui.

Head to the hotel lobby, and inquire about timeshares. Asking at the front desk may not be necessary. Many of these resorts will have a booth set-up, ready to explain timeshares to anyone who shows interest.

Local malls are also a great place to learn about prospective timeshare presentations. Look for booths, which will often lure you in with the freebies.

Alternatively, give these places a call, and ask if there are any timeshare presentations coming up.

Tips For Getting Into a Timeshare Presentation

Next, be aware that you may need to bend the truth about your salary. Timeshares are expensive, particularly in somewhere as lovely as Maui.

The hotels don’t want to waste their time describing the deals to someone who can’t afford to invest. Don’t worry, they’ll rarely need to see exact figures. 

Finally, be prepared to get your foot back out the door. Timeshare presentations aren’t always the aggressive sales techniques they’re made out to be, but it can still be hard to get away. 

What About Timeshare Presentations Before You Go?

At the end of a timeshare presentation, you’ll often find yourself offered a deal in the future if you agree to attend another presentation.

Although this is still going to be an expensive vacation, it’s money off what you would have paid. Of course, at this point you’re already on vacation, and might not be thinking ahead. 

Attending a timeshare presentation when you’re in the holiday planning stage can be a way to get a bargain for your upcoming vacation. Call the hotel in advance to inquire about presentations, and see what you can get.

But a word of warning. For the best deals, you sometimes have to pay to attend the presentation. 

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