Best Luau In Maui For Families

The best way to immerse yourself in Maui culture is at a luau. A luau is an incredible combination of feast and entertainment, with dance and music used to share the stories of Hawaiian history.

Most luaus follow a similar pattern: a feast of Hawaiian food, a free-flowing bar, and exciting entertainment.

For families visiting Maui, a luau is a must-see. But which luau is best for your family? To find the best luau for your keiki (that’s kids!) read this guide.

Women performing traditional luau.

The Best Luau In Maui For Families

Old Lahaina Luau

Old Lahaina Luau is possibly the most popular luau on Maui, thanks to a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and a relaxed island vibe. Guests are greeted with a lei and a tropical drink, while traditional Hawaiian music sets the scene.

For families, we recommend booking early for the traditional ground seating. You get the best spot in the house, and it adds to the communal experience that characterizes the luau.

The entertainment at Old Lahaina Luau is top quality, with intricate dance and music illustrating the story of Maui.

Kids will find themselves enthralled by the storytelling, and eager to discover more about this incredible island.

Some people do think of the Old Lahaina Luau as being a slightly boring luau, but we have to disagree. Old Lahaina may lack the fire dancers and thrills of some other luaus, but the mesmerizing charm makes up for it.

Drinks and a full menu are included in the price. All guests are greeted with a fresh flower lei.

Myths of Maui Luau

Spirit and excitement welcome you at the Myths of Maui Luau, a Ka’anapali luau that operates from the Royal Lahaina Resort.

The oceanfront backdrop provides the perfect setting for this complete luau experience, which features an Imu ceremony, fire dancers, and a typical luau buffet.

The non-stop energy of the Myths of Maui Luau is perfect for children and families. Thumping drum beats, swirls of color, and hypnotic dancing come together to create an unforgettable experience.

The Myths of Maui Luau is popular with budget-conscious parents, due to frequent money off deals. But even if you can’t nab a bargain, this is still a luau to consider.

The keiki friendly menu is packed full of local delights, and they’ll love the shell lei keepsake that all guests are given. Meanwhile, adults will love the open bar (plus the dancing and the feast).

Myths of Maui have some of the best luau cocktail options on the island.

A band playing by the beach under palm trees at sunset.

Drums of the Pacific Luau

If it thrills you’re after, they don’t come much bigger or better than the Drums of the Pacific Luau. From the moment the conch shell sounds to signal the start of the show, you’re immersed in a flurry of Polynesian culture.

Dance, music, and the heavy thump of drum beats combine for a show that’s sure to excite keiki and adults alike.

Drums of the Pacific is a long-running luau and has been enchanting visitors to Maui for over 40 years.

It’s operated out of the Hyatt Resort and Spa in Ka’anapali and is well known for the three-man fire-knife show that ends the evening.

Drinks and dinner are included, and all guests get a lei keepsake. If you have kids that love to dance along, we recommend the premium package. It includes a souvenir firestick (with no real fire!) for keiki to twirl to the music.

The Grand Luau At Honua’ula

Keiki who can’t sit still should head to the Grand Luau at Honua’ula, an interactive luau with plenty to keep even fidget-prone kids occupied. They can learn to hula, experiment with dance moves from across Polynesia, and delight in the storytelling of this clever luau.

Found in the Grand Wailea resort, this luau is the top choice for guests of the hotel. The menu is packed with Hawaiian flavors, and the open bar will satisfy adults and kids.

An evening at the Grand Luau is filled with enchantment, as stories are woven from song and dance. Maui’s myths and legends come to life in the skilled hands of these luau dancers, with color and fire adding excitement at every twist and turn.

The Grand Luau is a slightly pricey option, but the lengthy show and interactive experience make up for the additional costs.

Isolated beach surrounded by palm trees and tall grass.

Wailele Polynesian Luau

Not sure if a luau is exciting enough for easily distracted children? Book a trip to Wailele Polynesian Luau, and prepare to be amazed by the most extreme troupe of fire-knife dancers Maui has to offer!

The daring feats achieved by these dancers are very much not to be tried at home, but kids will still love watching the stories of Maui come to life in a frenzy of flames.

Wailele Polynesian Luau features dances and stories from across Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Samoa. Earth, fire, and water come together at the oceanfront setting, where authentic storytelling and diverse thrills enchant viewers.

The child-friendly menu features delights from across Maui, and the open bar has a range of cocktails and juices for all the family.

Te Au Moana

Te Au Moana translates as “the ocean tide”, and this Wailea luau tells the story of the connection between Polynesian Culture and the ocean.

An exciting luau with a real emphasis on storytelling, keiki will delight in learning how Polynesian culture spread over the ocean and across the islands.

The oceanfront setting for Te Au Moana, held at the Marriott resort in Wailea, is the perfect backdrop for this interactive luau. A feast of Hawaiian cuisine is served to all guests, and the menu has plenty to please even fussy children.

A focus on the connection between Polynesian culture and the ocean sets this luau apart, but fans of fire, don’t worry. A fire dancing finale combines all the elements at this exceptional family luau.

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Are Luaus Good For Kids?

Yes, luaus are a fantastic experience for kids. Above we’ve listed what we think are the best luaus on Maui for your family, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Most luaus are incredibly accommodating, and are sure to enchant keiki of all ages.

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