Cliff Jumping At Ching’s Pond (Aka Blue Sapphire Pools)

Is it really cliff jumping if no one knows you’ve been cliff jumping?

While many enjoy this thrilling hobby for the blood pumping excitement of the leap, it’s always nice to show photographic evidence of your daredevil tendencies.

And a cliff jump at Ching’s Pond makes for a very nice photo indeed. 

Located on the Road to Hana, Ching’s Pond is a quiet spot with an attractive backdrop and a dangerous landing zone.

Read this guide for the risks and realities of cliff jumping at Ching’s Pond.

Ching’s Pond, also known as Blue Sapphire Pools at a distance.

Where Is Ching’s Pond?

Following the Road to Hana, you’re going to come across a lot of turn-offs and trails leading to ponds, waterfalls, and daring drops.

Ching’s Pond is one of these spots, just past mile marker 16.9 on the Hana Highway

Ching’s Pond is notable for being a quieter spot with some interesting scenery.

A smaller waterfall than many you will encounter on the Road to Hana, the Ching’s Pond cascade falls into a wide pool surrounded by tumbling rock and wild greenery.

To top it all off is a beautiful stone bridge, framing the picture perfectly. 

Can You Cliff Jump At Ching’s Pond?

You can cliff jump at Ching’s Pond, but most visitors probably shouldn’t.

The two jumping platforms jut out above the base of the waterfall, and away from the larger pond. This means there’s only a narrow strip where it’s safe to land

Jumping from the lower ledge gives you a better chance of getting it right, but it’s still a risk. Plunges from the higher ledge should only be attempted by those who know the area well.

If you do plan on jumping, make sure to survey the area very closely beforehand, from both the water, and from above.

The reason why cliff jumping at Ching’s Pod is popular is all thanks to the backdrop.

The waterfall is only small, but the large placid pond really does look sapphire thanks to the combination of lush greenery and a wide cut away in the cliff.

Add in an old bridge to frame the top of the picture, and daredevils can get an exciting and aesthetic photo to show off what they’ve done.

For most of us, however, the best picture is going to be of strangers jumping into the water.

Ching’s Pond is a risky place to jump, and only worth the effort if you feel incredibly confident in your aim.

But as the locals jump here regularly, you can still get a good photo without having to put yourself at risk.

Is It Safe To Cliff Jump At Ching’s Pond?

Ching’s Pond has a reputation for good cliff jumping that is perhaps not entirely earned.

It is certainly picturesque, and there are two platforms offering different jumping heights, but at Ching’s Pond, it’s all about the landing. The gap is small, and even a slight miscalculation can end in a painful crash

At Ching’s Pond, you really have to know where to jump.

For those making a quick stop along the Road to Hana, you probably won’t have the time needed to get acquainted with the area. 

There are a few other dangers that potential jumpers have to consider:

  • Ching’s Pond is at risk of flash floods, which can occur even when there’s sunny skies over the pond itself.
  • If the water looks brown, or the levels are high, this can be a sign that there’s flooding further up the river.
  • Also, the water level at Ching’s Pond changes. Sometimes it can be lower than you expect it to be, which can lead to some painful landings. 
  • Be careful getting to Ching’s Pond as well. Access is relatively easy, but you do have to hike a rocky path to get down.
  • After rainfall, this path can be slippery, causing falls before visitors have even reached the jumping ledge.

Man cliff jumping into a natural pool.

Are You Allowed To Cliff Jump At Ching’s Pond?

Cliff jumping is allowed at Ching’s Pond—or, at least, no one is likely to stop you.

There is private property around Ching’s Pond, but the pond itself is a popular hang out spot, especially with the locals.

However, sometimes the locals will try to enforce the private property rule.

While no one is likely to stop you from jumping, you might feel a little rushed to get through it. Ching’s Pond is a popular cliff jumping spot with the locals, who go there regularly and know how to nail the jump.

Although Ching’s Pond might not seem too scary from the base, it’s a different question when you’re standing on the ledge. That 10 foot landing area suddenly seems very narrow.

As you stand there, gathering your courage for the leap, locals hoping to enjoy their once secret spot can get frustrated.

On occasion, locals have even been known to block the access road.

Of course, if you’re polite and friendly, then the locals are more likely to be accommodating.

And as they know the best places for a Ching’s Pond cliff jump, you want to get on their good side. 

Getting To Ching’s Pond

Ching’s Pond is past mile marker 16.9 on the Hana Highway, aka Highway 360. It isn’t visible from the road, so make sure you don’t drive past it.

You have to pull off the road just before you get to the bridge, but parking is limited.

Then, there are two trails leading down to the pond on the makai (toward the sea) side of the bridge. 

Ching’s Pond can be quite quiet, and it really does make for a good picture.

Even if you don’t want to jump, it’s worth taking a look and a snap, and seeing if you can spot any of the locals trying to leap. 

Ching’s Pond Is Beautiful But Probably Not Worth The Jump

Ching’s Pond is picturesque, which is part of the reason why it’s become a popular cliff jumping spot.

But don’t let the pretty backdrop fool you—a narrow landing area makes Ching’s Pond a dangerous place to jump for those who don’t know the area.

If you plan on jumping, make sure to survey the pool well before taking the leap. And maybe step back and let the locals show you how it’s done.

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