Does Andaz Maui Have A Pool?

Yes, a four-tiered infinity pool greets guests at the Andaz Maui resort in Wailea.

Known as a resort for couples rather than families, Andaz Maui has created a pool area with a serene atmosphere that capitalizes on some epic views.

For all the details on the Andaz Maui pool, take a look at this guide.

The pool at the Andaz Maui.

Does Andaz Maui Have A Pool?

The Andaz Maui is home to a four-tiered infinity pool, known for offering stunning views of the Maui coastline.

The Andaz Maui lacks the dazzle some Wailea resort pools have (yes, we mean the Grand Wailea), but the Andaz Maui pool has a calm, luxury feel to it.

What Is The Andaz Maui Pool Like?

As a four-tiered infinity pool, visitors to Andaz Maui have plenty of options for a quick dip.

The Andaz Maui pool is pretty low-key, relying on a beautiful location and some smart construction to attract visitors.

Make your way up to the top pool if you want the best views. Andaz Maui is located on Mokapu beach, and from this top section you have an excellent panorama across the South Maui coastline.

It’s also a good place to stand if you want to take in the full scope of the resort. The top level has access to a hot tub and the Lehua Lounge bar, making it a popular stop for adults at the resort.

The second and third levels are narrower, due to the staggered build of the pool system. These are perhaps the best places to actually get in the water, especially if you’re looking for a chance to cool down.

For families, head to the bottom level. This is where you’re more likely to spot the kids running about and parents de-stressing with a drink from the Bumbye Beach Bar.

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Does Andaz Maui Have An Adults Only Pool?

Although Andaz Maui is often considered to be a less “family-friendly” resort, you can still find plenty of keiki around the pool area at peak times.

If you’re looking for a chilled out environment, head to either the top level, or take a trip to the adults-only pool on the other side of the resort.

At the upper levels of the Andaz Maui pool, you’re unlikely to find large groups of children. However, it isn’t a specifically adults-only pool, so families can still enjoy the views from the top.

The Andaz Maui does have an adults-only pool, found next to the exercise facility. It’s long rather than wide, and can be directly accessed from several “swim-up” rooms.

The adults-only pool at the Andaz definitely deals in serenity. It’s not quite a tranquility pool, but it is the place to go for a moment of peace and quiet.

Can You Book A Cabana At The Andaz Maui Pool?

Yes, Andaz Maui does offer an online booking system for cabanas at the pool. There are also numerous free spaces available, if you’re lucky enough to grab one.

Both cabanas and daybeds are available to be booked via the Andaz Maui online booking system. For the pleasure of using a private cabana, expect to pay upwards of $300. A cabana has a maximum capacity for four, while the daybeds can host two.

They might be pricey, but the cabanas are the best place to sit around the pool. Sleek gray cushions and a simple design give them a classic appeal, which fits in well with the upscale Andaz Maui resort.

There is limited free chair space at Andaz Maui. Part of this is because of the linked nature of the pools, offering less surrounding area to set up any chairs.

Getting a chair is sometimes a matter of luck. Some days, you can expect them all to be claimed before breakfast has finished.

At other points, there’s no trouble grabbing even the best placed loungers. If you really want a good seat, we recommend making a claim early.

Does The Pool At The Andaz Maui Have A Slide?

There’s bad news for fans of waterparks—the Andaz Maui has no slides, and little in the way of water entertainment.

Keiki will have to amuse themselves in the lower levels!

Can You Get Food And Drink At The Andaz Maui Pool?

If you enjoy ending (or starting) your day on vacation with a cocktail by the poolside, Andaz Maui has a couple of options for you.

The Lehua Lounge can be found at the top level of the pool, and features a selective menu of local treats that can be enjoyed around a fire pit.

The lounge has a sophisticated atmosphere, and exceptional views over the cascading pools. The menu is small but locally based, and we recommend a portion of the fries.

Stay at the Lehua Lounge to watch the sunset, and take in the live music that’s showcased several evenings a week.

At the lower end of the pool complex is the Bumbye Beach Bar. This is the place for sun worshippers looking to settle in for the day.

It opens at 10am, serving snacks, sandwiches, and salads, with a few choices for the keiki as well.

Bumbye Beach Bar does have a very chilled out vibe, but the quality of the food and drink is still excellent. It’s a cut above the usual poolside fare, and worth trying on a lazy lunchtime.

Do You Have To Be A Guest To Use The Andaz Maui Pool?

The Andaz Maui pool is a relaxing place to spend the day, particularly if you want to avoid the large family crowds that can gather at other Wailea resorts.

But if you want to take a look at the Andaz Maui pool, you do need to be a guest at the hotel.

The Andaz Maui Pool Is For Adults & Keikis

The four-stories of the Andaz Maui infinity pool are welcoming to families and adults, with the upper levels offering exceptional views and access to the fantastic Lehua Lounge.

Head to the lower levels for a more family friendly atmosphere, although you may want to book a cabana if you plan on spending an entire day relaxing.

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