Is There A Bad Time To Go To Hawaii?

No matter where you’re traveling in the world there are good and bad times of the year to visit, and Hawaii is no different.  

Many holidaymakers stay away from destinations during the high season, as prices are usually higher and crowds much larger. Or, maybe some activities and attractions, like whale watching, only occur during certain periods of the year.

Whatever the reason, there are times of the year that suit some people that don’t suit others. 

In what follows we’re looking at the best and worst times to visit Hawaii, so you can plan your trip accordingly to make it the best vacation possible. 

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The worst time to visit Hawaii 

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Is there a worst time to visit paradise? Locals tend to say December is the worst time to visit but that depends on what you’re looking for from your vacation to Hawaii. 

The busy season—when airfare is expensive, accommodation prices skyrocket, rental car costs are up, and the streets are busy with tourists—is from December to around New Years. Why? 

Well, in December Hawaii is in its wet season (which lasts from November to March) when temperatures cool to the high-70s, making the humid heat far more tolerable than say, July. Plus, there are numerous holidays in December: people want to celebrate with their toes in the sand.

But, if you don’t mind the bustle, and want to avoid the snow at home, then December is still doable so long as you plan your trip ahead of time, especially if you plan to visit early in December when the crowds have yet to swarm the island. 

So, yes, December is the worst time to visit Hawaii if you’re the kind of person who wants peace and quiet on their vacation, and a bit of extra change in their pocket. 

The best time to visit Hawaii 

According to frequent visitors, as well as natives, October is the best time of year to visit Hawaii.

October tends to see the least visitors, so hotel costs and rental cars are cheaper. And airline deals are generally more affordable.

The weather is also another huge positive in October. It’s not yet the wet season but temperatures begin to cool after their summer highs. 

The small crowds and great deals on luxury Hawaiian resorts make October the perfect month for those who want to kick back and find their tranquility. 


Generally, from mid-September through to Thanksgiving, or early December, are wonderful times to visit Hawaii for those who want to avoid crowds and heat. And mid-December to after the New Year are for those who want to get lost in the crowd. 

But, whether it’s April or June, October or December, a trip to Hawaii is always a memorable one.

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