Is Uber On Maui? (How You Should, and Shouldn’t, Use Uber On Maui)

One of the best ways to get around Maui is by car. The island features easy-to-use roads connecting every sight you may want to see. 

But if you don’t want to deal with the extra costs and pressure of hiring a car for your vacation, then you may be wondering how you’ll get around the island. 

If you’re used to the convenience of Uber in your hometown, then you may expect to find it waiting for you on the island. Is Uber on Maui?

Dashboard view of a car driving along a road in Maui.

Is Uber on Maui?

Yes, do not worry, Uber (and Lyft) is available on Maui, and has been since late 2014. 

Before Uber, locals and tourists took shuttle buses, local taxis, rented cars, or cycled to the island’s attractions. 

Uber completely changed the game for the island and its visitors and now offers a convenient way to travel around without worrying about parking or juggling schedules at a bus stop.

What Uber cars are on Maui?

Uber currently has three types of cars available on Maui, that all range in size and price.

This is unlike Uber in Oahu, where there are up to seven types of Ubers to hail, from Uber Pet, in which you can bring your pet along, to even Uber Green, which is an electric vehicle. 

The three Uber Options on Maui are:

1. UberX

UberX is the most affordable option on Maui and accommodates parties of up to four people, with three in the backseats and one person sitting in the front passenger seat. 

2. Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a more spacious vehicle than UberX, and features accommodations.

Uber Comfort cars allow you to select the preferred temperature inside the car based on five. different presets.

You can also choose your conversation preferences with your driver. 

3. UberXL

Uber XL is a larger vehicle that accommodates up to six passengers (or less with extra luggage), ideal for groups of friends or large families.

This is one of the most recommended Ubers to get if you’re traveling with two or more people from the airport to a location on Maui. 

Is Uber expensive on Maui?

Yes, in general, Ubers are expensive on Maui. However, it depends upon your destination. 

Below are some average Uber costs for population locations on Maui:

Kahului Airport to Kaanapali (West Maui): $65 (UberX), $85 (Uber Comfort), $115 (UberXL)


Kahului Airport to Kihei (South Maui): $28 (UberX), $35 (Uber Comfort), $45 (UberXL)


Wailea (South Maui) to Kahului Airport: $45 (UberX), $55 (Uber Comfort), $70 (UberXL)


Kahului Airport to Hana: $140 (UberX), $180 (Uber Comfort), $250 (UberXL)


Kipahulu to Kahului Airport: $130 (UberX), $160 (Uber Comfort), $210 (UberXL)


Wailuku (Central Maui) to Haleakala National Park: $70 (UberX), $85 (Uber Comfort), $120 (UberXL)


Huelo (North Shore) to Kahului: $50 (UberX), $65 (Uber Comfort), $80 (UberXL)


Kihei (South Maui) to Hana (East Maui): $25 (UberX), $35 (Uber Comfort), $45 (UberXL)


Hana (East Maui) to Kaanapali (West Maui): $170 (UberX), $220 (Uber Comfort), $300 (UberXL)


Kahului to Makawao (Upcountry Maui): $30 (UberX), $40 (Uber Comfort), $50 (UberXL)


Should You Use Uber on Maui?

Ideally, you should only use Uber if you’re staying in one region of Maui and plan to explore that one area. Doing so will keep your Uber fares reasonable. 

If you’re going to be staying in a resort, with amenities close by, and destinations within walking distance, then you should be OK to rely solely on Uber as your mode of transportation. Save Uber for short trips to get some groceries from Walmart or get you home safely from the bar local to your accommodation.

Also, getting to and from the main airport (Kahului/OGG) on Maui to areas of South Maui, Upcountry Maui, and even West Maui via Uber is relatively affordable and reliable. 

When Not To Use Uber on Maui

Do not get an Uber to a remote location, or a location that has bad cell phone service, as you may not be able to order another Uber to return.  Don’t get stuck!

Ordering Ubers all around the island is also expensive, and easily adds up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars within a few days.  You may not want to drive around Maui in a day with an Uber. 

Anyone doing daily executions or road tripping on their vacation on Maui, should hire a rental car and make their own journey for a fraction of the price, or book with a tour company. Rental cars can cost only $50 a day (excluding gas).

You could always fly to Hana Airport or Kapalua as a quicker and possibly cheaper alternative to get to different regions. 

Yes, Uber is thankfully on Maui. However, only visitors staying on resorts, who don’t intend to explore the island, should use Uber. While those hungry to explore should hire a rental car, take buses, or use a tour company to avoid paying expensive Uber fares to get around the island. 


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