Westin Kaanapali vs Marriott Ocean Club

The Westin Kaanapali and Marriott Ocean Club are two resorts in the Kaanapali region of Maui, about a stone’s throw away from each other.

Essentially, you’ve got two of the best resorts on the whole island, less than two miles apart, both battling to offer vacation goers like you the best stay imaginable.

It can be pretty tough to decide between the two of them, so we’ve come up with this handy little comparison guide to help you decide which resort will suit your vacation needs best.


The Westin Kaanapali and Marriott Ocean Club are pretty close to each other. But, they differ in how close they are to other potential destinations in the Kaanapali area.

The Kaanapali golf course is located a short walk from the beach and is slightly closer to the Marriott than the Westin. 

However, from the Westin it’s a slightly longer walk. You may even want to drive if you’re carrying a set of clubs.

The Marriott is further South along the beach than the Westin and is pretty much surrounded by other hotels, resorts and tourist spots.

The Westin is closer to some of the less touristy parts of Kaanapali, such as The Duke’s Beach House restaurant and Whaler’s General store—great for picking up some essentials for your stay.

Overall, both the Westin Kaanapali and Marriott Ocean Club are great locations, with easy access to the beach being their main attraction.

  • If you’re interested in a vacation where you can stay in the comfort of your resort, the Westin is the place for you.
  • However, if you’re looking for a chance to explore some of the surrounding areas and the rest of Maui, the Marriott has a better location for you.


At the Westin, you can choose from a variety of rooms in the Hokupa’a Tower which are all furnished beautifully and designed to provide the maximum comfort for your stay.

Rooms in the Hokupa’a Tower come with a variety of bed configurations depending on the size of your group. Some rooms even have their own lounge area for you to relax on your own, with full privacy.

However, all guests in the Hokupa’a Tower are treated to artisanal Hawaiian food daily, a private bar and infinity edge cocktail pools. Talk about the ultimate setup for a relaxing vacation!

Beach in Maui at night.

The selection of rooms at the Marriott Ocean Club is no less impressive. You can choose between a variety of rooms and suites, which have an aesthetic feel like a home, rather than a hotel. All suites all come with their own private living area, including basic kitchen fittings if you feel like cooking up your own meal.

Regardless of what type of room you choose at the Marriott Ocean Club, you’ll have access to six different food and drink spots on the premises. You can also arrange to use the resort’s fitness center, a variety of swimming pools and a spa.

  • Overall, the interior of the rooms at the Westin Kaanapali win this round with their sleek, more modern looking design.
  • However, you can’t really go wrong with the Westin or the Marriott Ocean Club, as there are options at both for the most premium and luxurious rooms and views available on the island.


The Westin boasts some fantastically authentic Hawaiian restaurants such as Wailele Luau, open Tuesday-Friday from 5:30PM-8:30PM.

Wailele Luau is the perfect place for an entertaining meal, as there are regular dinner side luau performances.

The Marriott Ocean Club does also provide some of the best food, from a diverse range of cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes. The Marriott offers BBQ, Italian, and authentic Hawaiian restaurant.

But, it’s the spectacular entertainment that puts the Westin Kaanapali slightly ahead in this comparison.

Special Features

As well as a fantastic range of restaurants at the Westin Kaanapali and Marriott Ocean Club, both resorts also have a few other features that set them apart from any old resort.

Both resorts offer easy access to Kaanapali beach, so that’s as simple as waking up to jump in the ocean. 

One thing the Westin specializes in is its incredible Kawaiola Aquatic Park, which features a 270 foot water slide and a variety of pools—including an adults only deck with its own infinity pool and hot tub.

The Marriott Ocean club also has its own aquatic center too. Covering almost twice as much area as the Kawaiola Aquatic Park, the Marriott’s super pool also features slides, waterfalls, and grottos.

The Marriott also has opportunities to play a wide range of sports and games, such as squash, tennis, go surfing and family-oriented activities.


In general, the Westin Kaanapali will provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing experience imaginable. However, they don’t provide a great range of activities to keep you and your group entertained on the premises.

The Marriott Ocean Club has plenty of high quality accommodation options but also offers plenty of things  to do without having to leave the resort.

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