What Can You Buy At Costco In Maui?

First time visitors to Maui might be surprised by how often locals and part-time residents talk about Costco.

The iconic chain store has become a Maui necessity, providing bargain deals on local specialty items (and helping you stock up on inexpensive drinks).

With this guide we’ve covered everything from what stock is available at Maui Costco, the Costco hours on Maui, and why Maui regulars love Costco so much.

Man shopping at a grocery store.

Does Maui Have A Costco?

Yes, Maui does have a Costco! This can come as a surprise to some visitors, who don’t expect to see the iconic chain store nestled in Maui’s beautiful scenery.

But Costco has become a bit of a cult grocery store on Maui, with smart shoppers recognizing it as one of the best places to get your Hawaiian specialties—not to mention cheap drinks!

Where Is Costco On Maui?

Maui’s Costco is conveniently located near Kahului airport, making it the first stop for many new arrivals on the island. Kahului is best known for its airport, as few visitors choose to stay in the nearby town.

If you’re passing through on your way to West or South Maui, consider a stop at Costco to grab the essentials.

Head from the airport to Haleakala Highway on the outskirts of Kahului center. 

  • Costco is open daily, from 10am to 8:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Saturday opening hours are 9:30am to 6pm.
  • Sunday opening hours are 10am to 6pm.
  • Opening hours for the gas station, pharmacy, and food court can vary. 

What Do They Sell At Costco On Maui?

Costco on Maui has everything you might expect from a Costco, and some extra Hawaiian specialties. Expect to find groceries, electronics, daily necessities, drugs, and souvenirs.

Many consider a stop at Costco to be the absolutely first thing you must do when arriving on Maui.

As well as selling everything you expect from a Costco in your hometown, Maui Costco has some irresistible Hawaiian delicacies. There’s a reason why some choose to do all their vacation shopping at Costco — you can get real Maui produce at a bargain price.

Head to Costco for some of your beach essentials as well. Fancy trying your hand at snorkeling? Costco typically sells a cheap beginner’s kit to get you in the water and exploring the reefs. 

Maui Costco has a food court, gas station, pharmacy, optical department, hearing aids, and a tire service center. There’s also a bakery, fresh deli, and fresh meat available daily.

Does Costco On Maui Sell Alcohol?

Yes, the Maui Costco does sell alcohol. Costco is known as one of the most affordable places to buy liquor on the island, making it popular with everyone from locals to vacationers.

As well as the standard selection, you can also expect to find some local Maui brews. 

Although Costco does require a membership, they do allow you to purchase alcohol without a membership card (only if you’re of legal age, of course). 

Is Costco On Maui Expensive?

Maui Costco is one of the cheapest shops on the island. However, the prices do tend to be slightly higher than they are on the mainland. Bulk buys can make a Costco shop cheaper, but watch out for waste if you’re only shopping for a short stay.

Groceries and household items tend to be priced higher everywhere on Maui, just because of the necessities of travel expenses. Costco Maui typically has slightly raised prices, but you can still find some bargains.

When it comes down to it, Maui Costco is still well priced, especially when compared to other Maui stores and restaurants. 

What’s The Food Like At Costco On Maui?

If you ask the Maui locals for the best place to eat, you might be surprised by how many of them direct you to Costco. The Maui Costco has become known for serving cheap and delicious food, and a popular place to pick up lunch when you want to save some money.

Costco Maui has all the staples you’d expect from a Costco. The rotisserie chicken is particularly popular with visitors and locals looking for an affordable way to build a couple of meals. 

You can also expect to find some Hawaiian delicacies. Costco has its own poke bar, if you want a fresh taste of the island straight off the airplane.

The fresh fish range from Maui Costco is genuinely fantastic. If you don’t have access to fresh fish normally, you’ll be shocked and delighted by what you can pick up in a Maui chain store.

There’s also some delicious preserved fish to keep an eye out for, and to help make an authentically Hawaiian meal.

Can You Get Gas At Maui Costco?

Yes, the Costco on Maui does have a gas station.

And it’s generally recognized as one of the cheapest places to get gas on the island. 

Do You Need A Costco Membership For Costco Maui?

Fans of Maui Costco can be fairly vocal, which is frustrating if you don’t have a Costco membership card. Without Costco membership, you can’t make any purchases in the store (except for liquor). 

If you don’t have a Costco membership, don’t worry! Although you won’t be able to shop at Costco, there are some other grocery stores on the island that offer fair prices and local goods. Safeway, ABC Store, Longs Drugs, and Foodland are all good choices.

For anyone staying in or near a major tourist area, grocery stores can typically be found with a short drive. 

Final Thoughts

Costco Maui is a surprising place to get mementos, local produce, and fresh fish. It also has all the basics you need for a stay on Maui.

Costco has also become a preferred dining experience for plenty of local residents. Grab the rotisserie chicken for some cheap meals, or a bowl of poke for an island favorite. 

With a location right by Kahului airport, Costco is where many visitors choose to stock up for their stay. Don’t forget to swing by before your return flight as well, and pick up some Maui produce to take home. 

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