All You Need to Know About the Mendes Ranch in Maui

With  years of history in Maui, the Mendes Ranch is the proud, pretty home of the Mendes family. With a long and adventurous record, this ranch has been with the Paniolo or, in other words, the cowboy community of the region.

The Mendes Ranch is the right spot for animal lovers and for those who appreciate the wonders that nature has to offer.

This guide below discusses all you need to know about the Mendes Ranch for your next trip.

Mendes Ranch in the north coast of West Maui

What Is Mendes Ranch, and Where Is It Located?

The Mendes Ranch is located in the middle of West Maui, an excellent spot for vacationing and for a breath of fresh air.

The initial Mendes clan moved all over the world, having traveled and the Azores Island in Portugal in 1886 to eventually end up on Maui, establishing the Ranch in 1940.

Since then the land has been turned into a family-owned and operated business for the Mendes group.

The Mendes Ranch is a working cattle ranch open for tours for the general public.

What Tours Does Mendes Ranch Offer?

Mendes Ranch offers various tours. However, the most famous tour is the one that begins from the corral of the Mendes Ranch and takes the riders down into the valley to the coastline.

If you wish to grab a bit of all the scenes this area offers, you have to get on the tour. The area is not accessible to tourists unless they’re part of the tour. 

The tour guides willingly offer to take stunning photos of you, your horse, and of the seascape as well.

Do You Need to Book in Advance to Visit Mendes Ranch?

Since the Mendes Ranch is quite popular, there’s a chance you may not be able to make a reservation if you wait too long, especially during the island’s peak season. Spots can sell out four weeks in advance.

It’s best to book in advance!

There are various means of reserving a spot on a tour. Often, sites such as Trip Advisor offer a complete refund if you need to cancel—up to 24 hours before your tour is set to begin.

What Hotels Are Near Mendes Ranch?

If you plan on staying in the Mendes Ranch area for a couple of days, then there are a few hotels to consider…

  • Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono: 5.52 miles from the ranch.
  • Montage Kapalua Bay: located 9.53 miles away.
  • Napili Surf Beach Resort: 9.55 miles away.
  • Paia Inn: 9.66 miles away.
  • Kahana Village: 10.00 miles away.

All of the above hotels are hardly 10 to 15 minutes away from the ranch and are a great choice if you wish to spend your visit in peace and luxury.

What Is the Duration of The Tours at Mendes Ranch?

The time it takes to complete a tour at Mendes Ranch varies a good bit.

While tours on horseback used to be about 2 hours, they’ve been altered to about one and a half hours.

The duration is an estimate, of course. Each tour will be different and depends on the members of the tour group and the horse’s temperament that day.

The horses command the tours.

Also, keep in mind, there are a few spots that tours can venture out to that are only for experienced individuals.

What Is the Weight or Age Requirement?

To participate in the sessions, all visitors must wear closed-toe shoes and long pants for safety purposes.

Other essentials to bring on the horseback trail include sunscreen and a camera to get pictures of the beautiful views.

A guardian or a parent must accompany all visitors under 19. The minimum age requirement for visiting the ranch is around seven years old, while the maximum weight of one person for the trail and horseback ride is around 250lbs.

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