Can I Get A Four Seasons Maui Day Pass?

There are few pools on Maui with quite as iconic a view as the fountain pool at the Four Seasons. The rising white fountain, glittering pool, and, of course, the ocean panorama.

Even if Four Seasons Maui didn’t have a reputation for luxury service and celebrity clientele, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to get a look around the grounds.

If you aren’t a guest at Four Seasons Maui, you may be able to get the resort experience with a day pass. In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know. 

Four Seasons Maui seen from the water,

Where Is Four Seasons Maui?

Four Seasons Maui resort is located in Wailea, a South Maui resort town known for luxury accommodations and world-class beaches. 

Does Four Seasons Maui Offer A Day Pass?

Four Seasons Maui might offer a day pass, but it isn’t something that they widely advertise. Day passes tend to only be available when the hotel has fewer guests than usual.

With space freed up by the pool, the resort will sell passes to non-guests. As you might imagine, in a resort as popular as Four Seasons Maui, this doesn’t often happen.

However, that isn’t to say it never happens. All resorts experience quiet days, and it might be possible for some lucky non-guests to get their hands on a pass

What Can You Do With A Four Seasons Maui Day Pass?

Day passes are typically popular with those who want to use the resort pool, and with the pools at Four Seasons Maui, it’s easy to see why.

The famous fountain pool offers exceptional views over the Maui ocean from a location built with relaxation in mind.

Keiki will enjoy a trip to the waterfall pool, which, as you might have guessed, contains an actual waterfall.

And adults can get away from it all at the serenity pool, with an underwater music system, swim-up bar, and the occasional celebrity. 

A Four Seasons Maui day pass also allows you to get the resort experience without the price tag. So, you can soak up the views, relax by the pool, and try the cocktails and snacks that Four Seasons has to offer.

When relaxing at the Four Seasons pool you never really have to lift a finger, as attendants keep you comfortable.

But if you can be convinced to leave your lounger, those with a day pass are also allowed to explore the grounds of this respected resort.

Four Seasons Maui has a prime location, and almost every spot has something to take in.

Then, you can return to the comfort of your chosen accommodation, having tried out one of the most famous hotels on Maui. 

How Much Is A Four Seasons Maui Day Pass?

There is no set cost for a day pass at Four Seasons, and the price is up to the discretion of the resort.

With that said, day passes typically cost from $40 upwards, and can run to more than $100 for a single pass.

If you want to get the resort experience for the whole family, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to book a room for the night than to buy multiple passes. 

The pool at the Four Seasons Maui as seen from above.

How Do You Get A Four Seasons Maui Day Pass?

The best way to get a day pass at Four Seasons Maui is to contact the hotel directly. Inquiring before your trip is beneficial, but if you’re in Wailea already, it’s always worth asking directly.

The best time to get a day pass is during the low season, which, unfortunately, never really occurs on Maui. September and October tends to see the least visitors, so you might find this is the best time to try for a day pass.

Alternatively, you can check out booking sites such as Resort Pass. These websites will list the available day passes in an area for a certain time period, and update regularly.

However, if you’re after a Four Seasons pass, direct contact with the hotel is probably the best option

Can You Visit The Four Seasons Spa Without A Day Pass?

Four Seasons spa offers wellness experiences and relaxing treatments for both guests and non-guests.

Booking in advance is highly recommended if you’re a non-guest, but guests can find it easier to book via the resort. 

The Four Seasons Maui spa combines innovative treatments with traditional Maui ingredients and methods.

Alongside the massages and facials, Four Seasons Spa also has wellness treatments available. These range from acupuncture to guided meditations, and some are even available virtually.

But if you want to follow your visit to the spa with a quick trip to the Four Seasons pool, it probably won’t be allowed.

Instead, you’ll have to head out of the resort and to Wailea Beach, which is minutes away and open to the public.  

Can You Visit The Four Seasons’ Restaurants Without A Day Pass?

Wailea is known for having exceptional restaurants, and food trucks, and some of the very best are found at Four Seasons Maui.

The good news is that, unlike the pool, these restaurants are typically open to both guests and non-guests.

So, you can grab a steak at Duo, celebrate date night at Ferraro’s Bar E Ristorante, or see if Spago lives up to the hype. Bookings are best made in advance, to secure a seat.

There are dining options at Four Seasons Maui that aren’t open to the public. For example, without a day pass, you can’t enjoy their serenity pool swim-up bar.

But the best restaurants at Four Seasons Maui are open to non-guests, even if tables get booked up fast. 

Final Thoughts

Four Seasons Maui has a reputation for luxury, and many want the chance to soak up one of Maui’s most famous resort experiences for just a day.

Day passes don’t appear to be offered regularly by Four Seasons Maui, but there is a chance that they’re made available from time to time.

If you can’t get a day pass, the restaurants are open to the public, and the spa typically has treatment spaces for non-guests as well.

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