Can You Go Cliff Jumping At Twin Falls?

Twin Falls can be either an early stop on the Road to Hana or a chance to see Maui’s waterfalls while exploring the North Shore.

Despite what the name might suggest, there are more than two falls on this easily accessible trail, although only one of them is good for cliff jumping. 

If you want to experience the thrill of the cliff jump, then you might enjoy a trip to Twin Falls. Check out this guide to find out all you need to know.

Twin falls in Maui, a waterfall pouring into a pool of water.

Where Is Twin Falls, Maui?

If you had the time to explore in depth every stretch of the Road to Hana, you would stumble across a wealth of waterfalls. As it is, most of us only have the time to visit a few during a day trip.

Twin Falls is one of the earliest strings of waterfalls along the Hana Highway, an easily accessible hike that can be overlooked by visitors.

Twin Falls is, as you might have guessed, a set of two major waterfalls.

Many visitors find the first, which is good for picture taking but not for cliff jumping, and turn back.

But if you carry on along the trail a little further, you come to the second of the twins, which is a popular spot for jumping.

Twin Falls is just past mile marker 2.1 on the Hana Highway. There’s a parking area that can get busy, but don’t let this put you off.

Even when the parking lot is busy, the larger trail tends to be quiet.

Can You Cliff Jump At Twin Falls, Maui?

Yes, you can cliff jump at Twin Falls, but it isn’t always safe to do so. The wide pools at the base of the waterfalls do give you a larger landing area, but the water levels can frequently change.

Cliff jumping into shallow water is very dangerous, so you must always check the area before jumping. 

If you do decide to cliff jump at Twin Falls, then make sure to familiarize yourself with the area before jumping.

Get in the pool to check how deep it is, and don’t jump if the water level is low. Also, make sure you know where the rocks are in the water, as they can take you by surprise.

Cliff jumping is always a risk, particularly along the isolated Road to Hana.

Taking the proper precautions and surveying the area doesn’t lessen the thrill, but it can prevent some nasty injuries.

Which Fall Is For Cliff Jumping At Twin Falls?

Twin Falls is actually a bit of a misnomer—there are several waterfalls in the area.

However, some of these can be quite small and definitely aren’t a good place for cliff jumping.

There are two main falls: Ho’olawa li’ili’i, and Ho’olawa nui.

Ho’olawa li’ili’i is also known as “caveman,”and can be identified by the wide mouth cave opening behind the waterfall cascade.

Ho’olawa nui is the second waterfall and follows the right fork of the main trail. This is the spot for cliff jumping.

Is It Safe To Cliff Jump At Twin Falls, Maui?

Cliff jumping isn’t exactly a safe activity anywhere you go, but Twin Falls is one of the safer spots on the Road to Hana.

Still, it’s only safer if you know what you’re doing.

Accidents and even fatalities can occur when novice jumpers fail to survey the area and end up landing badly in low water. Another danger to be aware of actually comes before the jump.

The hike at Twin Falls is easygoing for the most part, but the climb to the jumping ledge isn’t quite so simple.

Slippery rocks can lead to falls and injuries, especially for excited tourists who aren’t paying attention to where they’re going.

Also, pay attention to the weather in the area. Twin Falls, like all waterfalls along the Road to Hana, is subject to flash floods.

Rainfall further inland can cause these floods even when the skies are clear at the falls themselves. 

Twin Falls pouring into a pool of water in Maui.

Is Twin Falls Easily Accessible?

With a parking lot and a relatively easy trail to follow, Twin Falls is one of the most accessible waterfall routes on the Hana Highway.

It also has an advantage of being closer to West and South Maui than the other falls. 

Just along from the town of Haiku, and not far from Paia, Twin Falls is an easy day trip from Maui’s major resort towns.

There’s a lot to do on the Road to Hana, so consider visiting Twin Falls if you plan on exploring the North Shore. 

Twin Falls has one main trail that’s easy to follow and forks off to the two falls.

From the left fork you reach Ho’olawa li’ili’i, or the “caveman”, and to the right is Ho’olawa nui, the bigger falls.

Once you’ve chosen a path, you can follow the trail around to reach the other.

You can also find your way around Twin Falls by following your ears. There are several waterfalls in the area which are worth a look at.

Follow the sound of crashing water to discover them.

If you get confused on the crisscrossing path, remember to head downwards to get back to the road.  

Are You Allowed To Cliff Jump At Twin Falls?

Cliff jumping is allowed at Twin Falls, but keep in mind that the trail is surrounded by private property.

Make sure to keep to the marked paths, and to stay out of any areas that have blocked and restricted access.

If the weather is bad and there’s a flooding risk, the parking lot might be closed to prevent access.

Final Thoughts

Twin Falls on the Road to Hana is worth exploring, even if you don’t plan on jumping.

Keep following the path until you’ve seen as much as the area has to offer, and make sure to grab a snack from the food truck often found in the parking lot.

Cliff jumping is never completely safe, but Twin Falls does offer a wide pool for a safer landing. Just make sure to check the water levels first!

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