Feast At Lele Vs Old Lahaina Luau

A luau is an unforgettable Maui experience. Combining music, dance, food, and drinks, an evening at a luau provides memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re staying in West Maui, there are several luaus to choose from. Old Lahaina Luau is the best-known luau on Maui, but the Feast at Lele has a romantic charm.

Read on to find which luau is best for you.

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Feast At Lele Vs Old Lahaina Luau

Feast at Lele is a culinary adventure across the islands of the Pacific, accompanied by traditional dance and music.

It’s named Lele after the ancient name for Lahaina, referring to the royal past of this historic town. Located by the beach on Lahaina Front Street, this special luau will make you feel like royalty.

Want an authentic Maui experience? The Old Lahaina Luau is all about tradition. From the dance to the food, the lively atmosphere of this lovely luau is perfect for families and groups.

Found on the historic Front Street at Lahaina, Old Lahaina Luau employs the peaceful sounds of the nearby ocean as a backdrop to the entertainment.

Is The Food Better At Feast Of Lele Or Old Lahaina Luau?

Food is at the heart of Feast at Lele, with a five-course dinner that takes you on a journey around the Pacific. You begin in Hawaii before the meal transports you across the ocean to New Zealand. Sample the delights of Tahiti, feast on the cuisine of Samoa, and finish it off with a delicious dessert.

Feast at Lele serves a sit-down dinner, rather than a buffet. This adds to the romantic atmosphere but does mean there’s little opportunity to adjust the menu. 

Old Lahaina Luau has traditionally served a buffet, but have also experimented with a sit-down menu. The food is traditionally Hawaiian, without being overly adventurous. Picky eaters won’t find themselves left hungry at the Old Lahaina Luau.

Before you go, we recommend taking a look at the Old Lahaina Luau, to see what meals are currently on offer. 

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What Are The Drinks Like At Feast Of Lele And Old Lahaina Luau?

Drinks are included in the entry price at both the Feast of Lele and Old Lahaina Luau. The open bars are well-stocked at both destinations.

Step through the door at Feast of Lele, and you’ll find yourself with a Mai Tai in hand. Their menu includes fresh and fantastic cocktail options, local beers, and a decent selection of wines. They recommend grabbing yourself a port to finish the meal.

We recommend finding a minute between courses to enjoy an Island Iced Tea.

At Old Lahaina Luau, guests are greeted with a tropical drink, and they can get frequent top-ups from the open bar. The specialty cocktails are a treat, but we also recommend the ‘Uala seasonal ale by Maui Brewing Co. It’s brewed exclusively for the Old Lahaina Luau.

Which Has Better Entertainment: Feast At Lele Or Old Lahaina Luau?

There’s no doubt that you’ll find a remarkable show at both the Feast at Lele and Old Lahaina Luau. But what sets the two options apart?

Feast at Lele is a Pacific adventure, and the cross-island show pairs cuisine and dancing. The joyful hula of the Hawaiian show is followed by the powerful haka that hails from New Zealand, before the romantic movements of the Tahitian dance, and the thrills and fire from Samoa.

At Old Lahaina Luau, things are more traditionally Hawaiian. The entertainment guides you through the history of Hawaii, from the first migration to modern-day Maui.

The performances are exciting and fun, and sure to enchant everyone from children to adults. The combination of dance and music immerses you in the story of Hawaii.

Does The Feast At Lele Have Fire Dancers? What About Old Lahaina Luau?

The Feast at Lele Samoan dance portion features a traditional fire knife dance. This thrilling performance finishes the evening and is sure to leave your heart pounding. 

The Old Lahaina Luau is a very traditional luau and doesn’t feature any fire dancers. 

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What’s Included In The Price At Feast Of Lele And Old Lahaina Luau?

Luaus aren’t a cheap way to spend an evening, so you need to know what you get for your money.

At the Feast of Lele, you’re greeted with a fresh flower lei and a Mai Tai. Included in the price are a five-course sit-down meal, an open bar, and nibbles on entry. The meal is accompanied by dances from the islands of the Pacific and typically lasts for three hours. 

Guests at the Old Lahaina Luau are handed a fresh flower lei and a tropical drink on entry, and they then have access to the all-inclusive bar. A full meal, either buffet-style or five-course sit-down, is accompanied by dance and music telling the story of Hawaii. The luau lasts roughly three hours.

Do You Need To Book In Advance For The Feast At Lele Or The Old Lahaina Luau?

Booking in advance is a must at either luau.

They tend to fill up quickly, and a late booking could lead to disappointment. 

What’s Better At Feast At Lele?

A real atmosphere of romance and excitement is conjured at the Feast of Lele luau.

Although families are welcomed, this is a luau that couples will find extra special, and the mixture of dances adds a twist to the classic experience.

With smaller seating options, you may even get a table to yourself.

What’s Better At Old Lahaina Luau?

Old Lahaina Luau is all about tradition, and this luau feels authentic.

The stories and music of Hawaii create a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for families and groups.

The experience is communal, with that aloha attitude that characterizes island living.

Which Is Better: Feast At Lele Or Old Lahaina Luau?

Two all-inclusive experiences with good food, incredible atmosphere, and free-flowing drinks, both Feast at Lele and Old Lahaina Luau are wonderful choices for a luau experience.

The best way to decide is to consider the experience you want. If you’re after romance and thrills in an intimate setting, book a dinner at Feast at Lele.

Looking for something more traditionally Maui? Old Lahaina Luau is an authentic experience bursting with aloha!

No matter what you choose, a luau is a fantastic way to discover Maui hospitality!

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