Old Lahaina Luau Vs Drums Of The Pacific

Luaus are a chance to experience the best of Maui: good food, great drinks, and incredible entertainment. 

Old Lahaina Luau is a traditional take on the classic luau, featuring storytelling and dance in a laid back environment.

Drums of the Pacific deals in excitement, including a fire dance finale that’s sure to thrill.

Read this guide to find out which luau is right for you.

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Old Lahaina Luau Vs Drums Of The Pacific

Old Lahaina Luau is an authentic luau, found on the Front Street of Lahaina. The breathtaking scenery provides a backdrop for a luau focused on tradition and an immersive cultural experience.

Head to Ka’anapali, just north of Lahaina town, to see Drums of the Pacific. Operating at the Hyatt Resort at Ka’anapali, this thrilling luau is an adventure around the islands of the Pacific.

Is The Food Better At Old Lahaina Luau, Or Drums Of The Pacific?

Food is an integral part of any luau, with hearty meals and big flavors complementing the bold entertainment. 

At Old Lahaina Luau, the five-course meal is centered on traditional Hawaiian flavors. The menu is fairly wide-ranging, with something to delight nearly all taste buds.

Drums of the Pacific operates similarly, with a sampler menu offering you a chance to try dishes from around the island. 

Old Lahaina Luau has perhaps the slightly better menu, featuring an abundance of meats and vegetables.

Meanwhile, dessert at Drums of the Pacific has a creamy richness that finishes the meal on just the right note. A visitor to either Old Lahaina Luau or Drums of the Pacific is sure to leave with a full belly.

One thing to note: both luaus have operated as both buffet style and sit-down meals. Make sure to check what’s being offered before your visit.

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What Are The Drinks Like At Old Lahaina Luau And Drums Of The Pacific?

Step through the door at Old Lahaina Luau, and you’ll find yourself with a tropical drink in hand. From there, you have access to an open bar, featuring some delicious cocktails such as Mai Tais and Lava Flows.

The liquor menu is large, and you can also grab a bottle of ‘Uala by Maui Brewing Company. It’s a seasonal ale, made exclusively for Old Lahaina Luau.

At Drums of the Pacific, you’re welcomed with a Mai Tai. The open bar is impressive, with tropical cocktails made up of the finest spirits. Drinks feature locally made spirits, and the Maui Brewing Company have provided the beers.

Wine drinkers should consider a trip to Drums of the Pacific—bottles are available from Hyatt’s Private Selection. 

Which Has Better Entertainment: Old Lahaina Luau, Or Drums Of The Pacific?

At Old Lahaina Luau, guests are taken on a journey through the history of Maui. The entertainment is focused on providing an authentic luau experience, with music and dance telling the story of Hawaii.

The hula dance is mesmerizing, and with the swaying palm trees and the gentle crash of nearby waves, the overall experience is undoubtedly immersive.

Drums of the Pacific is a thrill ride of a luau, featuring a fire lighting ceremony, dances from across the Pacific islands, and a Samoan fire knife finish that leaves your heart pounding.

The entertainment is invigorating, with audience members encouraged to try out moves alongside the dancers (although Drums of the Pacific do not recommend fire dancing at home).

Are There Fire Dancers At Old Lahaina Luau? What About Drums Of The Pacific?

Old Lahaina Luau is designed to be an authentic luau experience, so there are no fire dancers.

Instead, you enjoy traditional Hawaiian music, dance, and storytelling.

If you really want to see fire dancers, then Drums of the Pacific is the right choice for you. Exciting fire dances form an integral part of the luau.

Woman firedancer holding pole on fire above her head.

What’s Included In The Price At Old Lahaina Luau And Drums Of The Pacific?

A trip to a luau is likely to set you back several hundred dollars, so you need to know if it’s worth it.

At Old Lahaina Luau, guests are greeted with a fresh flower lei and a tropical drink. The five-course meal features plenty of island delights, and the open bar has drinks for all tastes. Live music and entertainment accompany the dinner. The entire experience lasts for roughly 3 hours.

There are two price options at Drums of the Pacific: standard and premium. Standard includes an open bar, a Mai Tai greeting, a full meal with plenty of courses, entertainment, and a kukui nut lei keepsake.

Premium seats have the added bonus of a better view, a souvenir firestick, and a photo. The luau is around 3 hours long, from start to finish.

Do You Need To Book In Advance For Old Lahaina Luau Or Drums Of The Pacific?

Limited seating and a heavy demand mean it’s absolutely essential to book a luau in advance.

Both Old Lahaina Luau and Drums of the Pacific can book up early, so get your tickets ahead of time.

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What’s Better At Old Lahaina Luau?

An oceanside location and fabulous scenery add to the aloha atmosphere that permeates the Old Lahaina Luau. This traditional luau provides an authentic look at the history of Maui, as music and dance illustrate the extensive history of this vibrant island.

Swaying palm trees, and the gentle sounds of the ocean, add to the mesmerizing effect of this relaxing luau. 

What’s Better At Drums Of The Pacific?

If you want a luau that’s loaded with thrills, they don’t come much better than Drums of the Pacific.

The evening enchants from the moment the conch shell sounds to indicate the start of the show, all the way through to the three-man fire knife finale. Excitement is served alongside island cuisine. 

Which Is Better: Old Lahaina Luau Or Drums Of The Pacific?

Old Lahaina Luau and Drums of the Pacific provide two different takes on the luau.

It’s easy to see the difference between the luau experiences. Old Lahaina Luau describes itself as a traditional luau and feast. The laid back performances are a welcoming celebration of culture.

Drums of the Pacific, on the other hand, is described as “Maui’s Most Exciting Luau!” This is a performance full of thrills and dares, with regular gasps of excitement forming a backing track to the incredible performances.

And if you’re looking for the best luau in Maui for families, read on. 

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