Is The Grand Wailea Luau Worth Going To?

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian experience, bringing together food and entertainment in a dazzling display.

The Grand Wailea is home to its very own luau, located on the lawns of the resort and overlooking Wailea Beach.

To learn everything you need to know about the Grand Wailea luau, take a look at our guide.

Woman dancer at a luau.

Does The Grand Wailea Have A Luau?

Yes, the Grand Wailea does have a luau as one of its dining options.

This luau is open to both guests at the hotel and visitors from across the island, and offers an opportunity to explore the myths and legends of Hawaii through song and performance.

There’s also a range of local delights to get your teeth into, and an open bar—and it’s a great luau for families!

What Is The Food Like At The Grand Wailea Luau?

Food is one of the central features of the luau, and is typically a chance to explore some of the best of the local flavors.

From the Grand Wailea, home to exceptional restaurants such as Bistro Molokini and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, you’d expect the dining to be top quality.

The menu is very much focused on local delicacies, with traditional flavorings and hearty ingredients.

You can fill your plate with food served family style and bought directly to the table. The menu is more refined than you might expect, but it should still be more than enough to fill you up.

The appetizers and salads course includes Ahi Poke, Poi Bowl, and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Lilikoi Butter. There’s enough to get really stuck in, and you’ll have to hold yourself back from filling up before the entrées are bought out.

The entrées themselves are full of big flavors, which is ideal as an accompaniment to big performances.

Teriyaki steak, shoyu chicken, and coconut mahi mahi offer a diverse range for adventurous eaters. Make sure to try the kalua pig, which is a luau classic and not to be missed.

Dessert is also available, and features seasonal sweets created by the Grand Wailea pastry chef.

Compared to the delights that have come before, dessert can feel like a bit of an afterthought, but you’ll probably be too full by this point to notice.

Does The Grand Wailea Luau Have An Open Bar?

An open bar is standard at a luau, and the Grand Wailea doesn’t disappoint. It does have a slightly limited menu compared to the offerings of other Maui luaus.

If you like a range of specially crafted cocktails to choose from, you might feel slightly let down by the selection.

However, all the standard choices are there and well made by the talented staff at the Grand Wailea.

Complement your luau experience by grabbing a Mai Tai, or lean into a tropical vibe with a piña colada. The Grand Wailea also offers mixed drinks, or you can keep things simple with beer or wine.

Keiki are also covered, with an assortment of soft drinks on hand.

What’s The Entertainment Like At The Grand Wailea Luau?

Food and drink is important, but the main attraction of a luau is the entertainment.

At the Grand Wailea luau, dancers tell the stories of Hawaii in a flurry of color and energy, immersing you fully in the magnificent display.

Your journey begins with a lei presentation and pre-show activities, including a chance to try your hands (and hips) at hula dancing.

Arrive early so you can make the most of the experience, even if you don’t need to grab a seat, and to see the Maui sunset from the Grand Wailea lawn. It’ll put you in just the right mood for an evening of Hawaiian entertainment.

The show itself is a full-blown adventure through the myths and legends of Maui. It begins with a torch lighting ceremony to set the scene, before coming alive with dance and music.

There’s no holding back, as the show blends together traditional Polynesian culture with modern dance expression.

For children and enthusiastic adults, the show also features interactive portions, where audience members are encouraged to get involved and dance along.

It really is enchanting, and even those who are firmly against audience involvement will find it almost impossible to avoid clapping with the music and maybe trying a little hula.

The Grand Wailea luau lasts for roughly two and a half hours.

Are There Fire Dancers?

An evening at the Grand Wailea luau culminates in a spectacular four-person fire dance.

This is the big finale of the luau, when the sun has fully set and the blazing colors shine against the clear night sky.

Many have come to expect fire dancers as a standard part of the luau, but they aren’t always featured.

However, the Grand Wailea luau does bring together the fire dancers to see the show off and finish with a bang.

Can You Book The Grand Wailea Luau In Advance?

Seats are limited at the Grand Wailea luau, especially as they now use individual tables rather than buffet style dining. For that reason, we highly recommend booking in advance.

Be prepared to book early for the luau, maybe more than a month in advance if you’re visiting over the summer. The luau is on selected dates only, and held once a day.

What Tickets Are Available For The Grand Wailea Luau?

There are two price tiers of seating on offer at the Grand Wailea luau: Standard Seating, and Ali’i Premium Seating. Ali’i Premium Seating is $300+ for adults, and $150+ for children.

Standard Seating is a better deal, at $250+ for adults and $135+ for children. Children’s prices are only available for ages 12 and under.

Buy tickets for the Grand Wailea Luau here.

Is The Grand Wailea Luau Worth It?

The menu at the Grand Wailea is one of the high points of the luau, and a step above the buffets that are usually on offer.

The drinks’ menu is simple but enjoyable, and there’s no doubt the entertainment is spectacular.

The Grand Wailea luau is slightly on the pricey side, and there are cheaper luaus on Maui.

That said, there aren’t really many cheaper luaus in Wailea, and the standard seating isn’t a bad price for the food and performance.

So, if you’re staying on the south of the island, the Grand Wailea luau is definitely one to consider.

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