Maui Sheraton vs Westin

Both the Sheraton and Westin resorts are located near Lahaina, a whaling village and a hotspot for tourism within Maui. It is situated around 45 minutes away from Kahului Airport, on the West side of the island. It was originally known as Lele, which translates into “relentless sun” from Hawaiian, and the sun definitely shines bright in that area.

The Sheraton and Westin resorts are, more or less, equally well-known and popular, so choosing between them can be a bit challenging.

We can’t tell you which one to choose, but we can tell you the main key facts about both resorts so that you might compare the pros and cons.

Hotels along the beach in Maui.

Key Information About The Maui Sheraton

The Maui Sheraton resort is located on 23 oceanfront acres on Kaanapali Beach, and it offers guests a sense of adventure, beauty, romance, and family-friendly fun.

The resort boasts a 142-yard pool, in the style of a lagoon, as well as fresh local cuisine and a white sandy beach. The resort also offers plenty of different services and facilities, with a luxury spa, and cultural activities to learn more about indigenous life in Hawaii. 

The Sheraton resort also has an iconic tradition that has been ongoing since it first opened in 1963, a sunset cliff dive ceremony. 

Key Information About The Westin

The Westin Maui hotel and resort is known for offering spacious rooms with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, offering adventure and relaxation in equal measure.

The Westin has many dining options, showcasing local cuisine, and has plenty of on-property activities to keep you entertained. The Westin also has a hotel shuttle available, which will take you to nearby tourist attractions throughout West Maui. 

The Westin resort is all about getting to know the richness of Hawaiian culture, and about your well being and comfort for the entirety of the duration of your stay. 

Sleeping Options: Maui Sheraton Vs Westin

Both the Sheraton and the Westin have incredible guest rooms and suites, recently renovated and modernized to offer full comfort and luxury, with beautiful views to either the Pacific Ocean or the rest of the resort.

But let’s look at some details about each. 

Accommodation At The Sheraton Resort

The Sheraton Maui resort boasts of 508 hotel rooms and suites, all of them nelly-renovated and adapted to provide as much comfort as possible during your stay.

In them, you can enjoy views of the West Maui mountains, as well as the Pacific Ocean and even the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai. 

Amenities included in the rooms and suites are: a mini fridge, in-room coffee, and a safe. 

Accommodation At The Westin Resort

The Westin resort has a good amount of rooms and suites, with the suites being extra spacious and luxurious.

All of the rooms have a modern feel, and beautiful views, with the main goal being to provide you with comfort and relaxation. 

All of the rooms and suites come with a detailed explanation of the amenities and appliances included, which you can check through the website. 

Food Options: Maui Sheraton Vs Westin

Both the Sheraton and the Westin resorts have multiple dining options and experiences, showcasing the richness and flavor of the local Hawaiian and Maui cuisine.

Here is a list of all the dining options both resorts boast of:

Dining Options At The Maui Sheraton

  • The Sandbar (breakfast and dinner)
  • Coral Reef (breakfast)
  • Cliff Dive Grill (lunch and dinner)
  • Mai Tai (lunch)
  • Maui Nui Luau (dinner)
  • Dinner under the stars private experience (dinner)
  • In-room dining service 

Dining Options At The Westin Maui

  • Waicoco (breakfast and dinner)
  • Hale Mo’olelo (breakfast)
  • Wailele Luau (dinner)
  • Hale ‘A (breakfast and lunch)
  • Mahele Market and Eatery (all-day service)
  • Starbucks Café

Experiences And Other Features Of The Maui Sheraton

Here are some other things that you can experience and enjoy while staying at the Maui Sheraton resort:

  • Resort concierge (they can help plan your day out in Maui!)
  • Beachside S’mores (a traditional S’mores kit and roast, on the beachfront)
  • Black Rock Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Oceanfront Lagoon pool
  • 3 private tennis courts
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Weddings and special events

Experiences And Other Features Of The Westin Maui

Here are some other things that you can experience and enjoy while staying at the Westin Maui resort:

  • Kawaiola Aquatic playground (a complex of 6 different pools)
  • Resort Spa
  • Fitness center
  • Beach lounges and cabanas for a private experience
  • Surf club
  • Weddings and special events

Which is better: Sheraton or Westin?

So, which resort is better? The Maui Sheraton resort, or the Westin Maui resort? 

Well, according to reviews, and to people that have stayed in both resorts, the Westin has the better pools, and it has better access to the whaling village and shopping opportunities.

However, the Westin is a lot more crowded, with more kids, and a lot more touristy. The Sheraton, on the other hand, has a smaller pool, but it is far more private and peaceful, and has better access to the beach. 

Maui With Kids Travel Guide pamphlet
And if you’re traveling to Maui with kids check out the Maui With Kids Travel Guide, from our friends at Hawaii Travel With Kids.

Nevertheless, we cannot say whether one or the other is better, because it completely depends on what sort of features you want, and what kind of experience you are looking to have.

Both resorts are very near each other, and therefore offer the same nearby attractions and views. So the deciding factor, between the Sheraton and the Westin resorts, will be down to what they offer on-property. 

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