Parking in Paia: It’s Become Even More Challenging

Ahh Paia, its colorful storefronts, beautiful beaches, and casual dining options. So dreamy… If you can find a spot to park!

Yes, if one thing might keep you away from this charming hippie town, it’s the headache of finding parking before you can enjoy a nice stroll or a sunny North Shore beach day.

Aeria shot of Paia with the ocean in the background.

So why is it so hard to find parking? 

  • As you might expect from a small town that attracts many locals and tourists alike, available spots are on short demand. Paia town is growing quickly and most businesses don’t offer access to private parking.There just isn’t enough room for everybody. 
  • To make things more difficult, the Department of Transport (DOT) installed ten “No Parking/ Tow Away” zone signs along Hana Highway in September 2020, between Lower Paia Park and Baldwin beach, as a way to address the issue of “dangerously parked cars” and thus reducing the options for drivers looking to park close to the beach when the lots are overflowing. 
  • Parking availability also depends on the time of the year. The winter months are generally busier on the island, so keep that in mind. However, with a massive amount of visitors coming to Maui because of international travel restrictions during the pandemic, it’s basically high season year round at the moment.

Where can I park?

Don’t be discouraged too quickly. Maybe you have great parking karma and you will get lucky enough to find a spot right away. If not, we got your covered. With a little aloha and patience, it is achievable.

Paia Town Public Parking

Start by looking in the Public Parking on Hana Highway, right at the entrance of Paia Town. If you see multiple cars waiting in line in the lot, just keep driving and look for street parking at the entrance of town or up on Baldwin Avenue.

Advantages: free parking, right at the entrance of Paia town, close to everything.

Not so good: hard to find a spot, people waiting in line, possible break-ins

Paia Paid Parking Lot

If you want to avoid the stress of driving through town three times, on the lookout for someone to leave, or attempting U turns in impossible places, just go straight to the paid parking lot and save yourself some time. 

Located on Baldwin Avenue right next to the post office, the large dirt and gravel lot offers plenty of parking spaces and easy access to everything, like Mana Foods, a quick four minute walk away. 

With a maximum rate of $10 for all day parking, the prices won’t make you blush and you’ll have peace of mind.

Parking Lot Behind Charley’s

Don’t be intimidated by the entrance gate. Yes you have to pay to park there but just like the other paid lot up the street, it is fairly cheap. 

$3/hour with a maximum of $10 before 5 pm. $7 maximum after 5pm. 

No overnight parking.

Paia Bay Parking lot

Although normally reserved for beachgoers, many people park at the Paia Bay dirt lot because of its proximity to the town center. When full, many opted to park in the grassy area along Hana Highway but since the new signs were posted by the DOT, it is no longer an option. Do yourself a favor and avoid a hefty fine for illegal parking.

Should I Be Concerned About Break-ins?

Paia is a safe place to visit and you shouldn’t worry too much about break-ins. But for extra precaution, park in a busy lot or if you’re lucky enough, along Baldwin Avenue or Hana Highway close to the intersection, as the street is always bustling with pedestrians, making it unlikely that someone will attempt a break-in when people are walking by. 

Don’t leave any valuables visible in the car.

Don’t leave your car parked overnight and avoid parking in the municipal lot after dark.

A Few Words of Wisdom:

  • Be patient. If you have a dinner reservation or only have limited time to explore, take parking into consideration so it doesn’t ruin your plans.
  • Practice aloha. We’re all in the same boat, park appropriately and be mindful of your parking job. 
  • Avoid parking on side streets as they are a bit far from the main street and you’ll have to walk along busy Hana Highway.
  • Obviously if you’re staying in Paia, take advantage of the fact that it is walkable and leave your car at home.
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