The Shops At Wailea

Luxury Wailea resort town is home to one of Maui’s best shopping centers.

A premier retail destination, the Shops at Wailea houses over 70 stores and restaurants.

From local grocery chains to international steakhouses, the Shops at Wailea has something for almost everyone.

Including art lovers, children who like to get hands-on, and live music fans!

Take a look at this guide to find out what’s happening at the Shops at Wailea, and plan your visit.

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Boutiques And Stores At The Shops At Wailea

Almost all your shopping needs can be met at the Shops at Wailea.

Whether that’s a new bottle of sunscreen, a stylish beach cover up, or luxury jewelry.

International brands sit alongside local Hawaiian businesses, creating a shopping experience to fit every need.

Prepare for your morning run with an outfit from Lululemon. Or treat yourself to the luxury brands of Gucci and Tiffany & Co.

The Shops at Wailea is also home to the best ABC Store on Maui, where you can grab your daily essentials.

Take a look at the Shops at Wailea directory to see what stores are currently open.

The Shops at Wailea has a wide appeal, catering to all kinds of shoppers who pass through the center.

Where Can You Eat At The Shops At Wailea?

When you need a break from all that shopping, the Shops at Wailea is home to several cafés and casual eateries.

The Island Gourmet Market offers well-priced plate lunches and is also home to an excellent coffee shop.

For an even quicker stop, swing by the Honolulu Cookie Company, and grab a pineapple-shaped shortbread.

Discerning foodies will find several excellent eateries at the Shops at Wailea.

Some of our favorites include the family-style service at Lineage, the elevated comfort food at Pint & Cork, and the eclectic cuisine of Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar.

Several of the bars also offer long happy hours in the early evening, in case you need to wind down after a tricky day of shopping. 

Check out the full restaurant list to find out where to eat at the Shops at Wailea. 

Galleries At The Shops At Wailea

It isn’t just shopping and eating at the Shops at Wailea: the center is also home to several art galleries.

Take a breather from the clothes shops to discover artworks from local and international artists at Lahaina Galleries and Enchantress Galleries.

Many of the works are also for sale, so you can find yourself an exceptional souvenir, or a piece for your Maui home.

There’s an impressive range of artworks to be found, including painting, photography, sculpture, and some traditional Hawaiian works. Some galleries also hold talks with local artists.

The Shops At Wailea Events

The Shops at Wailea hosts frequent evening and daytime events, including live music, art talks, and displays of traditional Hawaiian crafts.

The events are typically free to watch, and take place in public areas of the center. There are even events open to participation.

Families will particularly enjoy the hands-on elements of many of the cultural demonstrations. Check out the events calendar to see what’s coming.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for shopping, the open air mall of the Shops at Wailea is a leisurely way to spend an evening or afternoon.

There are areas in the courtyard to lounge about, enjoy the air conditioning, take in the music, and appreciate the views. 

Getting To The Shops At Wailea

The Shops at Wailea is located on Wailea Alanui Drive.

  • If accessing from within Wailea Resort, follow Wailea Alanui Drive until it intersects with Wailea Ike Drive, and then follow the monument signs.
  • Access is also easy from Piilani Highway. Follow Wailea Ike Drive in the direction of the ocean, until the traffic lights.
  • Turn onto Wailea Alanui Drive in either direction, as entrances can be found on either side.

If you’re staying in Wailea itself, the Shops at Wailea are easy to access from all the major resorts.

Several resorts also run shuttle services to the Shops at Wailea. Ask at the front desk of your resort, if you’re interested in this service.

The Shops At Wailea Parking And Facilities

Parking at the Shops at Wailea is free for the first hour, with an additional three free hours with validation from any of the stores.

At certain times of the year, the Shops at Wailea does offer free all day parking, so make sure to check what’s happening when you arrive.

But don’t worry, the Shops at Wailea has ample amounts of parking.

The Shops at Wailea is committed to accessibility. There are stairs, escalators, and lifts for navigating your way around the mall.

Numerous seating areas can be found on the lower floor, offering a chance to rest and soak up the ambience.

There is also a public bathroom found on the first floor.

The Shops at Wailea also provides free Wi-Fi across the center to make your stay even more comfortable. 

The Shops At Wailea Opening Hours

The Shops at Wailea is open daily from 10am to 9pm.

However, many of the shops, restaurants, and galleries have their own set opening times, and these can be variable.

If you only fancy a browse, then many of the shops are open until at least 9pm.

But if you have a specific shop to visit, we recommend checking the opening hours before you turn up.

Opening hours for restaurants and cafés vary greatly, with some coffee shops opening as early as 6am.

Events and shows at the Shops at Wailea normally operate in the afternoon and evening, with evening shows starting around 6pm to 7pm.  

Wailea’s Premier Shopping Destination

There’s something for almost everyone at the Shops at Wailea—including those who hate shopping.

The combination of luxury shops and convenient stores means you can find everything you need, and all the things you didn’t need.

And once you’re done shopping, you can stop for a drink or a meal, and enjoy the live music and demonstrations that are regularly held in the Shops at Wailea.

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