What’s At The Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

Island Gourmet Market is a grocery store and deli with a bit of island magic.

The popular Wailea destination is home to both a fantastic coffee shop and an excellent sushi bar, as well as some of the best-price plate lunches on Maui.

And you can pick up essentials and souvenirs at the same time.

For all you need to know about Island Gourmet Market, check out this guide below. 

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What Is Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

A place to get fresh food, Hawaiian groceries, gifts for back home, wine to enjoy on the lanai, and even your lunch—Island Gourmet Market is a shop that seems to have it all.

The market includes essentials such as sunscreen and toiletries, and less-than-essentials like logo clothing and freshly baked pastries.

Island Gourmet Market describes itself as a “lifestyle market” and the carefully selected produce range does make it a grocery store with added class.

If it’s your first visit, you might be surprised by just how long you can spend browsing the shelves, and just how much you’re tempted to buy. 

What’s On The Menu At Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

Island Gourmet Market has become a popular breakfast and lunch destination in Wailea.

The menu is large, and combines local favorites with takeaway classics.

The crowd pleasing food puts an emphasis on local ingredients, elevating it above standard grocery store fare.

Breakfast is available from 6am to 11am, and includes all the Maui classics.

The portions are fantastic, and this is the perfect time to grab yourself a drink from island Gourmet Coffee. The build your own omelet bar is a highlight.

The lunch menu at Island Gourmet Market focuses on filling foods with bold flavors.

Local favorites such as Kalua Pork Loco Moco are served alongside pizza and fried chicken, with burgers and sandwiches offering some surprising variety.

As you’d expect from a market, there’s also the option to build your own sandwiches and salads.

Coffee on platter with water and small pastry.

What About Island Gourmet Coffee?

Mornings on Maui tend to start early. Make them count with an exceptional local brew from Island Gourmet Coffee.

The 100% Pure Kona Coffee is definitely worth a try, while the Vanilla Macadamia Nut Drip Coffee showcases island flavors.

The prices are good, and the coffee is better than what you’ll find at many resorts.

Hot and cold coffee is served alongside smoothies, milk teas from the Teapresso bar, and organic lemonade.

Does Island Gourmet Market In Wailea Have A Sushi Bar?

If you’ve had bad experiences with grocery store sushi, then prepare to change your mind with a trip to Island Gourmet Market.

Sushi on Maui is typically excellent, so it stands to reason that even takeout sushi is better than average.

Island Gourmet Market is home to Sushi Kaiyo, selling rolls, ramen, and a make your own sushi burrito bar. Sushi Kaiyo is open from 6am to 3:30pm

What Else Can You Get At Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

Although Island Gourmet Market isn’t quite a one-stop shop, there is a lot of variety on the shelves.

Food and wine lovers will enjoy a visit to the deli, which is stocked with fresh products direct from Hawaiian farmers.

There’s also a decent selection of wines and spirits.

For visitors staying in accommodation with a kitchen, a trip to Island Gourmet Market can help you stock up on essential groceries and tasty treats

Island Gourmet Market is owned by the larger ABC Store, so you can also pick up local and logo apparel, cosmetics, drugs, and beach supplies.

There’s also a range of souvenirs, to grab gifts for home alongside your morning brew.

The place isn’t exactly a superstore, and you won’t stock an entire kitchen. But there’s enough variety to suit many needs.

Where Is Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

Island Gourmet Markets can be found in The Shops At Wailea, Wailea’s premier shopping destination.

Island Gourmet Market is located on level two of the center, with an outdoor opening at street level.

Next door to Lineage family-style restaurant, Island Gourmet Market has easy access from the parking lot, which is right outside. 

Parking At Island Gourmet Market

The parking lot for the Shops at Wailea is next to Island Gourmet Market, so you can pop in quickly for a coffee and sandwich on your way elsewhere.

Parking at the Shops at Wailea is free for the first hour, making flying visits even easier.

If you fancy a longer stay, and a chance to explore the rest of the shops, then there are three free additional hours of parking with validation.

What Are The Island Gourmet Market In Wailea Opening Hours?

Island Gourmet Market in Wailea is open from 6am to 10pm daily.

However, if you want to grab a bite to eat, be aware that various sections of Island Gourmet Market do close earlier.

The deli kitchen is open daily from 6am to 3pm, with breakfast served until 11am.

Sushi Kaiyo is also open daily, from 6am to 3:30pm. Island Gourmet Coffee opens daily, from 6am to 7pm.

Sushi Kaiyo and the deli bar have both been known to close early on particularly busy days when they run out of food. 

What Are The Prices Like At Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

A lunch at Island Gourmet Market is one of the best deals in Wailea.

A full meal can cost less than $15, with even the most expensive options rarely exceeding $20.

Sushi prices and coffee prices are also better than you tend to find on South Maui.

Elsewhere in the store, Island Gourmet Market is more expensive than the average grocery store, thanks to the quality of the items for sale.

However, you can pick up souvenirs and basics for cheaper than you might find when exploring the Shops at Wailea.

Should You Visit Island Gourmet Market In Wailea?

If you’re in Wailea, a trip to the Shops at Wailea is a must.

And while you’re there, it’s worth visiting Island Gourmet Market—particularly if you’re after a well-priced breakfast or plate lunch.

It’s also a good stop if you have a kitchen in your accommodation and you’d like to enjoy some local delights.

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