Is Waipuilani Park Worth Visiting?

Waipuilani Park is best known to North Kihei locals, and those staying in nearby condos. The long park is tucked out of sight of the main road, and features a large grassy park alongside a narrow sandy beach.

Relaxing on the lawns is the most popular activity at Waipuilani, although you can enjoy the waters from time to time.

Plan your visit to Waipuilani Park, and learn what times of day are best for visiting, with this complete guide.

Entrance sign to Waipuilani Park.

Visiting Waipuilani Park

Waipuilani Park is popular with those staying in the numerous condos in the area, mostly for convenience.

The large grassy area gives way to a long and narrow sandy beach, but the afternoon winds can make a visit sandier than you might want.

Waipuilani Park is really a place for lounging on the grass and watching the view.

It can’t compare to the beaches of Wailea, but Waipuilani does have its own charm, particularly as you’re likely to have the long beach mostly to yourself.

What Can You Do At Waipuilani Park?

Which time of day you visit Waipuilani Park will determine the kind of visit you have.

The mornings can be calm, with gentle swells providing some chances to swim. At this time, you can enjoy a stroll along the shore, and retreat to the shade of the park as the day warms up.

Coral and rocks in the sand make for good beachcombing. Stand-up paddleboarders can attempt the slight swells, or hope for a still morning.

In the afternoon, the wind transforms Waipuilani Park. The park itself is still pleasant, but lounging on the beach becomes a lot less attractive thanks to the sand blowing in your face.

Kite surfers and windsurfers do sometimes enjoy the water at Waipuilani Park, but they tend to head up to Sugar Beach and Mai Poina Oe Ia’u Park.

One of the condos that backs onto Waipuilani Park is the Maui Sunset, and this gives you some idea of what the beach’s best feature is.

The sunset here is incredible, especially as you have views over the nearby islands of Hawaii to the South, and the West Maui mountains to the North. 

Waipuilani Park Lawn

The park lawn at Waipuilani is nice throughout the day, and connects the beach to several condo resorts.

The grassy areas are well maintained, and there’s room to lay out a picnic blanket, or for kids to run about.

Several trees provided shaded areas to sit back with a book, and the condos block out most of the noise from the nearby road. 

There are several tennis courts at Waipuilani Park, which are public access and often used by those staying at the condos.

You’ll have to bring your own equipment, and there aren’t any rental shops nearby.

If you’re staying in one of the adjacent resorts, they tend to have equipment to loan from the front desk.

Sports fans can stay occupied on Waipuilani Park, as alongside the tennis courts are pickleball courts and a volleyball court.

The large grassy area is good for a stroll, or for letting the keiki run about.

Sometimes local events are held on the lawns at Waipuilani park, which are an enjoyable accompaniment to a quiet morning.

Clean evenly shaved lawn with palm trees at Waipuilani Park in Maui.


Can You Swim At Waipuilani Park?

Although Waipuilani does have a beachfront, it isn’t really a swimming beach. Come along in the mornings and you might enjoy a quick splash in the quieter sea.

In the afternoons, the wind tends to get strong, and swimming becomes uncomfortable.

The water is also murkier here, thanks to the tides churning the sand. Watch out for slimy seaweed, which can be found in clumps offshore.

If you’re incredibly lucky, or very persistent, you can have some luck snorkeling. But when there are better snorkeling beaches just a 10-minute drive away, snorkeling at Waipuilani isn’t worth the effort.

You’re more likely to come across a large patch of seaweed than any interesting sea life.

The best marine viewing is found on the shore at Waipuilani. In winter, the humpback whales pass South Maui, and can sometimes be seen from Waipuilani Beach.

Getting To Waipuilani Park

Waipuilani Park is located off South Kihei Road. Keep an eye out for the Maui Sunset resort, which is next to the turning for West Waipuilani Road.

It’s quite a large resort, so you should be able to spot it coming from either direction. West Waipuilani Road turns towards the sea, and the parking lot can be found at the end.

There is limited spacing, but most visitors tend to arrive on foot from their nearby accommodation, so you should find room. 

Waipuilani Park isn’t obvious, as it’s hidden behind several large condos and resorts.

If you aren’t staying in the area, it’s unlikely to be a park that you come across naturally, especially as there are more obvious beaches along the same road.

Soft sunset over the beach tide.

Facilities At Waipuilani Park

Waipuilani Park has a restroom pavilion, with ADA accessible restrooms. There aren’t any showers to wash down if you plan on going into the sea.

There is no actual picnic area, but there’s ample room on the lawns to spread out and lay down a blanket.

Waipuilani Park is close to several restaurants and shops, plus Kihei food truck park is in the area.

When the winds are calmer, grab some food to go, and head along to Waipuilani to watch the sunset.

With limited numbers of people around, and the Maui sun, you’ll feel like you’re having a five-star meal. 

A Charming (But Windy) Park

Waipuilani Park is mostly enjoyed by locals, and those who are staying in one of the many condos that back onto the park.

The mornings can be lovely, especially as you’re likely to have the place almost to yourself. But the wind in the afternoons takes some of the charm away. 

Sunsets at Waipuilani are fantastic regardless of the wind, and the public tennis courts are worth checking out if you’re sporty. Waipuilani is also an excellent spot for whale watching!

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