Is A Teralani Maui Charter Worth The Money?

Teralani is a catamaran that was built in Maui for recreational purposes. There are three Teralani catamarans. Teralani 3, Teralani 4 and Teralani 5.

The catamarans are located in Ka’anapali beach, on the west side of Maui.

Many people charter these catamarans to enjoy the beach’s view and enjoy the beauty of Maui as a whole.

There a lot of activities to do when chartering a Teralani catamaran which we discuss below, so you can decide if Teralani is right for you.

Scenic sunset viewed from Lahaina harbor, Maui, Hawaii. A silhouette of sail boat against setting sun

What Does Teralani Charters Offer?

Sunset Dinner Sail

One of Teralani’s most popular offers is the sunset dinner sail. Guests enjoy meals, complimentary beverages, and a delicious dessert coupled with Kaanapali beach and a beautiful sunset.

The sunset dinner sail is available all year round.

The buffet dinner includes…

  • Individual Antipasto Bowl
  • Mediterranean Salad:
  • Ginger Teriyaki Chicken with Stir-fried Vegetables and Ginger Infused Jasmine Rice

And the dessert is Maui Gold Pineapple Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Know that the sunset dinner sail costs $119 per person, regardless of age. And the trip is approximately 2 1/2 hours long.

Whale watching

Every year, between December 15 and April 14, the Pacific Humpback Whales migrate from Alaska to the coastal waters of Maui. And Teralani offers whale watching experiences.

The service even features an on-board marine naturalist to educate patrons about the whales. And underwater hydrophones are also available, transmit the whales’ songs for customers.

The service, naturally, runs from December 15 to April 14, and is divided between four time periods throughout the day: the early bird, A.M, mid-day, and dinner.

Premier Snorkel Adventure

This Teralani trip takes you to Honolua Bay, which is best known for its marine life, reefs, and reasonably calm waters for the majority of the year.

Those that wish to swim and snorkel can enjoy the waters and those that wish to stay in the both can also enjoy the top-class crew service offered on the boat.

The Honolua Bay is also home to a mouthwatering menu. A bar is available for those that want to have a relaxing drink, and lunch is available for all guests.

Sunset Cocktail Sail

Teralani charter offers a sunset cocktail cruise. Sip your drinks as you savor the sunset views of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai.

The menu includes an appetizer buffet, beer, wine, and mai tais, as well as mixed drinks, sodas, juices, and water.

Teralani Catamarans pull up at Ka’anapali beach, so remember, boarders, to take off your shoes.

Who owns The Teralani Catamarans?

The catamarans are named after the parent company, Teralani Sailing Adventures.

They have 3 beautiful yachts namely the Teralani 3 (built in 2005), Teralani 4 (built in 2019), and the Teralani 5 (built in 2020). The Teralani 4 and 5 are the largest sailing catamarans in Ka’anapali with a dimension of 65′ x 35′.

Each of their catamarans has two heads, freshwater showers, outdoor and indoor seating with tables, a salon, a bar, and can contain up to 49 passengers.

Their water activities were voted number one Best Water Activity on Maui by locals and visitors from 2010-2013. In 2015, because of their perfect sailing services, Teralani Sailing Adventures was brought into Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, because they achieved good Customers review for 5 years, back to back.

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