The Beach At Grand Wailea: A Must-See!

No visit to Maui is complete without a trip to the beach, and if you’re staying in a Wailea resort, you should have high expectations for the coastline.

The Grand Wailea doesn’t disappoint, as this beachfront resort property slopes down to the world-famous sands of Wailea Beach.

The sign outside of Wailea Beach.

Does Grand Wailea Have A Beach?

The Grand Wailea is a beachfront resort, with immediate access to Wailea Beach. Wailea is a coastal resort town, with numerous hotels marking the borders between the beaches.

The Grand Wailea is one of the most popular resorts on Wailea and, unsurprisingly, has access to one of the most popular beaches.

Wailea Beach is almost directly at the center of Wailea town and is a gathering place for those who want to see and be seen.

Visitors to the Grand Wailea can wander down in the mornings, and potentially find themselves mixing with the stars.

If there are no celebrities about, then enjoy the snorkeling and golden sands that Wailea is known for.

Wait, Isn’t That The Four Seasons Beach?

Although the Grand Wailea has direct access to Wailea Beach, it isn’t the only resort in the area. Wailea Beach is bracketed by the Grand Wailea to the north and the Four Seasons to the south.

These two resorts mark the boundaries of Wailea Beach, and their guests are both able to enjoy private access from their own hotels.

Does The Grand Wailea Have A Good Beach?

The Grand Wailea is an upscale resort, and as you might expect, it’s attached to an upscale beach.

Wailea Beach is an exceptional beach, even by Maui’s standards. Golden sands are attached to sparkling seas, and there are amazing views over to Molokini island.

If there is one downside to Wailea, it’s that it does attract the crowds. Not only is it the easiest beach to access from two major resorts, but it’s well-placed for visitors to many of Wailea’s other hotels.

And as it has a reputation for the best people watching on Maui, you can expect quite a mixture from the crowd.

Visitors should make the most of Grand Wailea’s easy access to the beach by arriving early and setting up a towel in a prime location.

Early morning is also the best time to enjoy snorkeling at Wailea beach!

Beachfront with resorts lining the coast.

How Far Is Grand Wailea From The Beach?

Lovers of lazy mornings can enjoy a slow breakfast at the Grand Wailea’s Café Kula, wander back to the room to pick up a towel and some sunscreen, and still make it down to the beach before everyone else.

That’s because it takes just 4 minutes to get from the Grand Wailea to Wailea Beach.

Oceanfront is an accurate way of describing the Grand Wailea resort. From many areas of the property you can see the sparkling sea, especially if you pay for an ocean facing view.

You’ll feel like you’re on the coastline from the private lanai of your room, and when the call of the ocean gets too much, you can sink your toes into the sand in only 4 minutes.

Does The Grand Wailea Offer Beach Experiences?

Immediate access to a world-class beach allows the Grand Wailea an opportunity to offer guests some tailored experiences.

If you like to make the most of every moment of a vacation, you should check out what’s happening at the Grand Wailea.

Beach Yoga

There are few sights quite as invigorating and motivating as the Wailea sunrise. Give yourself a kick-start in the morning by joining the Grand Wailea beachfront yoga sessions.

The beginners’ yoga is open to all, and can leave you energized for a long day of exploring the island!

Or you can immediately kick back and relax on Wailea beach, to catch your breath from early morning yoga.

E Ala E

Experience a connection to Maui culture by greeting the sun with the E Ala E chant, a Maui tradition that encourages a connection to nature and the flow of Mana.

Taking place in time with the sunrise on the sands of Wailea beach, the E Ala E chant is a unique cultural experience offered by the Grand Wailea.

Snorkel & Kayak Tours

Wailea Beach grants access to the exceptional Wailea coastline.

Snorkel and kayak tours run from the Grand Wailea and explore the nature of the South Maui coast, which is home to some friendly and colorful wildlife.

Book on to a tour to get close access to the coral gardens of Wailea, and spot the tropical fish and endangered sea turtles that call the underwater gardens home.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

For a different view of the sparkling Wailea ocean, book on to a Grand Wailea Stand Up Paddleboarding tour.

SUP is a growing market on Maui, bringing something new for surf and snorkel enthusiasts. Rent a board and explore the calm currents. We recommend setting out early for the best visibility.

People on the beach at Grand Wailea.

Can Anyone Visit The Grand Wailea Beach?

All the beaches of Maui are public access, so you don’t need to be a guest at either the Grand Wailea or the Four Seasons to enjoy Wailea beach.

Good news for celebrity spotters, but it does mean that this very popular stretch of coast is regularly crowded.

Visitors to the Wailea area should definitely take a moment to check out what Wailea beach has to offer. Soft golden sands slope into turquoise seas that provide spectacular views over Maui’s smaller islands.

Parking can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort to see a beach that’s world-famous for its beauty.

But if you aren’t staying at the Grand Wailea, you may prefer a short trip (and then finding a quieter beach further along).

Final Thoughts

The Grand Wailea doesn’t just have access to a beach, it has access to one of the best beaches on Maui.

Wailea Beach is world-famous thanks to its clear seas and postcard views. But make sure to get there early, so you can grab a spot before the crowds turn up.

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