How Many Square Miles Is Maui?

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii (and the 17th largest island in the United States), at 727.2 mi², or 1883 km².

And Maui, at its maximum, is 48 miles long and 26 miles wide.

There’s quite a bit packed on the island, from the massive volcano Haleakala, to the Road to Hana, to Turtle Town, there’s plenty to explore.

Below we’re answering all of the questions related to Maui’s area and size.

Bay of Maui with vegetation.

How Long Does It Take To Drive Around Maui?

The intrepid traveler can drive around Maui in a day, though it takes anywhere between 9 and 12 hours, and most people tend to average on the longer side of the scale.

The Road to Hana takes travelers all the way around the island.

Though we don’t recommend it, as your hands will never leave the wheel, and there’s so much to see on the trip around Maui.

What US State Is The Size Of Maui?

Every state in the United States is bigger than Maui. But one state is not that much bigger than Maui, and it’s the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island.

At 1,214 mi², Rhode Island is quite small, and only about 500 mi² larger than Maui’s  727 mi².

But there are a few counties in the same relative ballpark as Maui:

  • Comoros (719 mi²)
  • Mauritius (790 mi²)
  • Luxembourg (998 mi²)

Maui may not be that big, but there’s plenty to do.

Is Maui The Second Largest Island In Hawaii?

Maui is the second-largest of the four islands in Hawaii.

Maui County—which include Maui, Lanai, Moloka’i—is a total area of 2,398 mi².

The largest island in Hawaii is Big Island, (also called the island of Hawaiʻi or Hawaiʻi island) has an area of 4,028 mi².

How Deep Is The Water Around Maui?

The calm and undisturbed waters around Maui get as deep as 400 ft. deep. Not a big drop off.

Hawaii is surrounded by the Hawaiian Trough (also known as the Hawaiian Deep), which is a large drop off on the seafloor, shaped like a moat—hence the “trough” in the name. It has a radius of about 8.7 miles.

It’s perfectly safe to swim in the waters around Maui. Due to the surrounding mountains of Haleakala hindering the air pressure, the currents in the ocean around Maui are weak making the island suitable for swimming and diving while the most favorable for snorkeling.

What Is The Population Of Maui?

In 2021, Maui had a recorded population of 168,307 with people from many ethnic backgrounds including Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Samoan, etc.

It has a current growth rate of 0.27% according to the most recent census of the United States.

What Is The Biggest City In Maui?

Located in the northern part of the island, the biggest city in Maui is Kahului.

Unlike other big cities around the world, Kahului doesn’t get its fame from high-end resorts but rather from its commercial presence.

Kahului is the only city on the island hosting big businesses, franchises, and retailers and offers store chains that you otherwise won’t find on the Valley Isle.

What Is The Capital Of Maui, Hawaii?

Bearing the most cultural and traditional presence of the Hawaiian Islands, Wailuku is the capital of Maui.

A treat to every vacationer may it be family, couples, or singles, the city is a cultural hub and offers visits to Ocean Center, Tropical Plantation Adventure, Iao Valley state monument, and Mendes Ranch.

If you are vacationing in Maui, the adventure is never complete without a day in Wailuku.

Which Islands Can You See From Maui?

From the west coast of Maui, you can see Lanai and Molokai.

From the south of Maui, you can spot Kahoolawe, Molokini, and Lanai. Finally, the most spectacular island of Hana can be seen from the east side of Maui.

How Long Is The boat Ride From Maui To Hawaii?

Since there is no mass transit on Hawaii for interisland, you are required to take private ferries.

Expedition ferries passenger ferries between the islands of Lahaina, Maui, Manele, Harbor, and Lanai.

The ferries travel between the islands five times a day and each ride from Maui to Hawaii takes around 90 minutes.

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