Does Costco Maui Have Boogie Boards For Sale?

As tempting as surfing can look, most of us won’t buy a surfboard and give it a go after watching a few people ride the waves.

Boogie boarding, however, is the more-accessible sibling to surfing. Cheaper and easier, if the waves of Maui are calling to you, boogie boarding might be an excellent idea.

Costco on Maui typically sells boogie boards throughout the year. Find out all you need to know with our guide.

Boy holding boogie board over his head as he wades into the ocean.

Does Costco Maui Sell Boogie Boards?

Yes, Costco on Maui does sell boogie boards, as well as snorkeling gear. Although, as you might expect from Costco, they aren’t always available. Boogie boards from Costco typically cost around $30 to $40, which makes them a great buy on a budget! 

It might surprise some people visiting Maui for the first time, but Costco is a pretty big deal on the island.

The large store is located just a short distance from Kahului airport, and many residents, part-time residents, and visitors like to stock up on the essentials at Costco. It’s typically one of the cheaper places to shop on Maui

As well as selling your favorite bulk groceries, Costco on Maui is an excellent place to pick up Hawaii-specific snacks and souvenirs!

Make the most of your trip to Costco by purchasing a big box of chocolate covered macadamia nts to go with your boogie board.

Does Costco Maui Sell Boogie Boards Year Round?

Costco sells boogie boards year round, but that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to have them during your trip. Costco can be hit-and-miss when it comes to specific items, and boogie boards aren’t always going to be in stock. 

With that said, on Maui, boogie boards aren’t a seasonal item. If you’re Costco shopping on the mainland, you might notice boogie boards appear in summer, and disappear in winter. This doesn’t happen on Maui, because the conditions for boogie boarding are good year round.

If boogie boards aren’t on the shelves at Costco on Maui, they probably sold out, and are waiting on the next shipment. 

If you can’t find boogie boards at Costco, check out Walmart, which is just down the road in Kahului! Alternatively, ABC Stores often stock boogie boards for a low price.

Boogie boarding is really popular on Maui, so you’re sure to find boards for sale somewhere!

Are Costco Boogie Boards Any Good?

Costco boogie boards are generally decent quality, and should be good enough for a few weeks spent riding the waves on Maui beaches. The boards typically cost between $30 and $40, and they should give you an indication of the weight they can support.

A Costco boogie board might not be an investment, but it should last for the length of your trip and beyond, and provide you lots of fun bounding along the waves!

If you’re an experienced boogie boarder and you want to push your board to the limit, you might find that Costco doesn’t have quite the selection you need.  

Woman standing on the beach holding a boogie board.

Should I Buy Boogie Boards On Maui, Or Rent?

Buying boogie boards on Maui often works out cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it’s always better than renting!

West and South Maui have many beaches that are perfect for boogie boarding, and when you see everyone else skimming across the waves, you might want a go yourself. A trip to Costco means you can often pick up a boogie board for around $30.

However, buying boogie boards at Costco isn’t necessarily the easy choice. Costco can get busy, particularly if you’re visiting in the afternoon, when many of the international flights are landing.

Many people get straight off the plane and head to Costco, leading to quite a crowd! If you don’t time your journey right, you might get stuck in the rush.

Also, Costco is in Kahului, which is out of the way for many visitors to West and South Maui. Expect the round trip, including time at Costco, to take at least two hours. That’s time that might be better spent enjoying your vacation.

Rental locations, on the other hand, tend to be just a short distance from the major beaches, and if you plan on renting snorkel gear, you can get them both at once.

You might be paying a little more, but you’ll save yourself a trip to Costco! 

Should I Buy Boogie Boards On Maui, Or Bring My Own?

Unless you’re taking a private jet, it really isn’t worth bringing your own boogie board to Maui. They’re expensive to fly with, difficult to transport, and likely to get dented during the journey.

With so many places on Maui to buy or rent a boogie board, bringing your own is generally a waste of time and effort. 

Can Anyone Buy Boogie Boards At Costco Maui?

You need a Costco membership to shop at Costco Maui, and that includes buying boogie boards. If you don’t have a Costco membership, you might consider getting one ahead of your trip to Maui.

However, consider how much you might actually use your membership. Costco is convenient, but there are plenty of other places to shop on Maui. 

Are Costco Boogie Boards Worth It?

If you’re planning a trip to Costco anyway, it’s worth purchasing a boogie board. They’re decent quality and typically inexpensive, and when you watch everyone else boogie boarding, it’s hard not to want to give it a go yourself.

If you aren’t planning a trip to Costco, you might want to consider renting. It might cost more, but it’s often more convenient to rent.

One thing you should avoid doing is buying a boogie board as soon as you get off the plane. Hotels and resorts on Maui often have boogie boards available for guests, and they’re sometimes included in condos as well!

Check out your accommodation before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Costco on Maui typically sells boogie boards at a low price. These boogie boards might not be professional quality, but they should be more than good enough to see you through your vacation!

However, if you aren’t a regular Costco shopper, you might want to try renting a board instead. 

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